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The South Beach Pimps: A Scenario Team Profile

The South Beach Pimps scenario paintball team is in many ways more like a tournament team without all the tournament headaches. We believe in teamwork, straight up in your face play, camaraderie, and sportsmanship. We back each other up on and off the field, host BBQ for our friends and competitors, and support positive influences within the sport. What makes us different is our tough presence on the field, our dedication to teamwork, and our positive presence off the Field.

The South Beach Pimps scenario team was born from a set of values shared by South Florida paintball players. Like so many players, after ending a decade long tournament career, I was done with tournaments. However, I was not finished with competitive hardcore play. Neither were many of my former teammates. We still hungered for intense, aggressive, team work rich paintball. As a small group we would get together under a variety of team names including The South Beach Pimps, and play scenarios. We played hard and had a blast both on and off the Field.

In 2006, we met up with John Navarro and CAT 5. John and I have been friends and playing paintball together since the 1980′s. He and many of his team mates were losing interest in tournaments, but not in team style paintball play. We got our players together and everything took off from there.

The South Beach Pimps had come of age. We showed up and started knocking heads and gaining a name for ourselves on the Deep South scenario circuit. We play as a tight group, relying on our experience and team work. We don’t wear Ghillie suits, role play, or guard the base. If that is your game, we respect that. But, when you see us coming expect the fight of your life!

How about the name South Beach Pimps? The name was created in an Ocala, FL. Hooters Restaurant on a Saturday night. Griz, Homey, and I had come in from a scenario to watch the UM/ FSU game. What we found was a rowdy crowd of locals wearing UF regalia. It was clear that we were not locals. After a little conversation with the waitress about our Miami origins, and her excited desire to work on South Beach, mixed with a few beers. One thing led to another and we were now The South Beach Pimps.

Who are The South Beach Pimps? The Pimps are made up of players from different tournament teams, some dating back to the late 80′s. Teams such as Vendetta, Miami Painters, Pirates, Body Count, CAT 5, and RUSH. Some of us started playing with bolt action Nelspots and oil-based paint. We have watched the sport change and grow throughout the years. We see ourselves as the future of the sport, taking the best aspects of tournament style play and incorporating it in to the scenario format.

The Pimps, in true pimp fashion do not have a team Captain. Management of the Pimps is handled by John Navarro. John has been a respected member of the paintball community for decades. He led the Miami Painters and played for several competitive teams. Aside from his role with the Pimps, John owns and is involved in several other ventures within the industry.

In 2007, we were fortunate enough to attract the attention of Dale Ford. If you don’t know Dale , you need to put the remote down and read more. Dale is the force behind, the former Editor-in-Chief of 68Caliber.Com, and currently has a column in PB2X magazine, as well as regularly contributing coverage, reviews, and of course, his column, “The Skinny”. Aside from being a great teammate and player, Dale is an expert on Deep South paintball and the industry as a whole. His journalistic endeavors have brought legitimacy to what we do here in the Deep South

Who am I? I’m Jay Murray, my teammates just call me “Big Pimp’n”. I started playing paintball in 1986 and had the honor of being the Captain of Vendetta and a co -Captain of RUSH. My most recent claim to fame was convincing a great group of talented paintballers to forget about tournaments and give scenario ball a try. Remember, Pimp’n ain’t easy!

The 2008-2009 South Beach Pimps are:

John “CMN” Navarro

Jay “Big Pimp’n'” Murray

Dale “Furby” Ford

Tony “Soldier” Torres

Mike “Token White Guy” Blanton

Mike “The Rabbit” Skinner

Emilio “Homey” Hidalgo

Luis “Luigi The Beast” Carmona

George “Torque” Spurlock

Rick “Griz” Laboy

Raul “Smokey” Perez

Bernie Yepes


Jamie “Swampbunny” Ford

Elsie “The Goddess” Navarro

Christina “The other Goddess” Dominguez

Candace “Candy Cane” Skinner

Nezy “No Show” Murray


Jeorge “‘lil Pimp” Murray







Sportsmanship Award, ’08, Bloodlines @ Old River (NOCER Productions)

Most Aggressive Opponent, ’08, Revenge of A Nerd @ Camp Blanding (awarded by opposing team general, Greg Hastings) (LCP Productions)

General, Revenge of a Nerd @ Camp Blanding (LCP Productions)

Most Wortthy Opponent, ’08, Chosin Few @ Old River (NOCER Productions)

Most Valuable Player, ’08, Chosen Few @ Old River (NOCER Productions)

Most Aggressive Team, ’07, Free Finale @ Camp Blanding (LCP Productions)

Sportsmanship Award, ’05, Quest for The Holy Grail @ First Strike (NOCER Productions)

The South Beach Pimps are proudly sponsored by Planet Eclipse, Hard Corps Paintball, SoBe Paintball, Kila Products, Guerrilla Air, and TheFordReport.Com

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