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January 22nd, 2009

Everything found here was either directly observed by the staff, sent in by members of The Ford Report Mailing list, or quoted by anonymous Ford Report Minions. Keep in mind at all times… The Ford Report is for entertainment purposes only! Some of the things posted here may not be completely accurate. These posts may directly correlate to yourself, your team, or company. If you are offended by any of the info on the Ford Report, drop me a line and I’ll remove you from the mailing list…if you’re seeing it on the site, then feel free to click that little red ‘X’ and move on with your day.

  1. So anyways, the new 7 man league out in California now has a name: The US Paintball League, or USPL.
  2. Yes, that was an indignant screech you heard from NH:
  3. But anyhow, the US Paintball League, or USPL has confirmed all of their 2009 season dates:
  4. The GPL has confirmed all of their dates as well:
  5. Registration opened for the PSP’s Phoenix Open event.
  6. Jim Anderson has passed away at 61 after a battle with cancer. Rest in Peace, Jim.
  7. Registration for “Harry Pottier” is open:
  8. I sent out a special invitation to apply for PaintClub yesterday on the TFR mailing list for our friends in the industry. The response was energetic, to say the least. When Paul Richards comments on something non-tournament related on his site, that says something.
  9. And to answer a question that cropped up, there will be a separate tent with male dancers for the ladies out there who want to attend. No, I will not be one of the male dancers for the ladies. Some things can’t be unseen.
  10. E-Money is giving away two entries into his teleseminar “Recession Proof Your Field” to the first two field ops that email me. It’s not everyday that E gives away $250, so hop to it!
  11. SPO Gear’s new Versa Shell will be on display at the Macdev, USA booth at the Paintball Extravaganza, February 5th-7th, in Atlanta. These are the ready for market units and we’ll be taking orders for mid-February delivery. For those of you who missed its World Cup debut, the innovative Versa Shell retro-fits the internals of the Reloader B, Halo B, Vlocity, Vlocity Jr and the Empire Magna loader. It holds 200 plus paint balls and has the super fast one-touch “bump” lid, snap in/out top lid assembly, larger filler opening, reinforced feed neck, relocated and reinforced battery cover and an optional snap in/out tournament adapter feed system with replaceable fingers. The best part for you dealers is you only need stock one universal shell instead of three individualreplacement shells. (Halo, Vlocity and Magna). Come by and say hello to the designer, SPOGear’s Ken Akins and bring your check book. Check out the video.
  12. The new RPL website is now live. Check it out at
  13. Speaking of The RPL, I’ve noticed here lately that Camille Lemanski is collecting email addresses left and right…I’ve sent out some minions to talk it over with Walker and see what the dealio is…
  14. Registration is now open for the first RPL event in Bakersfield, CA at
    the Kern County Fairgrounds. To register go to
  15. Tadao Technologies has released the new Yakuza Series USB Closer/Marq/Vice boards and Tengu USB interface. Power to the people!
  16. Cousins Paintball has a new location in Texas:
  17. Paintball Sports January issue is now available online in it’s entirety at
  18. NCPA Retains Paintball X3′s Paintball Business Journal and Media Services: to get the full poop.
  19. I guess the newly created Minion Division at PaintballX3 are earning their keep…
  20. For the ‘baller who has everything, there’s the Stiffi “Ultimate” BBD:
  21. The RPL has hotel deals for their first event at Bakersfield:
  22. Greg Hastings checked in with this to say: “Let me have your attention right now!!! This is Greg Hastings and I have now taken over as commander in charge of a special operation that takes place on March 14th and 15th in Harwood Texas, to finally find, dislodge, and kill Osama Bin Laden. Join my forces now, and help take down this symbol of evil!”
  23. The TSSOC is producing a game based on the movie “Red Dawn”. Check out to sign up.
  24. The Riot Tournament Series (a local West Coast league) is proud to announce our first event to be held on February 21-22 at Jungle Island Compound. Players are invited to come start the ’09 season off right and help keep 7-man alive! In addition to our 7-man divisions we will also be offering 5-man Beginner and Pump divisions. .Head on over to for more info and registration.
  25. Evan Money’s new book is out on and is destined to be a bestseller. The title is Take Action Now- How to live your dreams in less than 3 weeks. Evan said he is giving big discounts on his Money Turf and Money air compressors for those that pick up the book.
  26. has released their third installment of the DMA Series coverage:
  27. Paintball hits the Discovery channel February 10th at 10PM on the new show Wreckreation Nation. Host Dave Mordal searches for Bigfoot in Punta Gorda Florida at Camp Miles Paintball. We had a great time blowing up Dave all weekend. The show should be portrayed in good fun from seeing prior episodes in January and boost overall interest in general for paintball.
  28. The PSP has made some further tweaks in divisions and gameplay for 2009. Check it out at
  29. Local tournament series the CFPS will be participating in the PSP’s regional event program, so participants will earn seed points for PSP Events.
  30. In more local flava, registration for the SPCS’s second event has opened. to get signed up!
  31. I heard that it’s tough to set up a tent in 50 mph winds…
  32. Tracy from P8ntballers let me in on this one too: “The next P8NTBALLERS DraXxus 3 Man Event will be on Feb 8!! It’s only $99 a player and you event get a case of DXS paint for free!! Check out the prize package below and sight up today cause we have have 30 slots and 7 of them are already filled! Register today at
  33. Kingman has a new division called “Kingman Training”, which will concern themselves with making tools for tactical units to train with. Central to this effort will be .43 caliber paintball pistols.
  34. I’d heard that Planet was all out of Ego 8′s, and that ‘someone’ had bought them all. Looks like it was ANS Gear…they’re moving ‘em out at $799

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