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NCPA Retains Paintball X3′s Paintball Business Journal and Media Services

College paintball’s sanctioning body retains the services of Paintball X3′s Paintball Business Journal to help grow college, high-school and grass-roots paintball.

The National Collegiate Paintball Association (NCPA), the sanctioning body promoting collegiate and high school paintball throughout the United States, has retained the services of Paintball X3′s Paintball Business Journal and Media Services to assist in the growth and promotion of the Association and the greater sport of paintball. The partnership between the NCPA and Paintball Business Journal will allow the league to focus on the promotion of quality collegiate and high school paintball competitions while Paintball X3′s Paintball Business Journal and Media Services focuses on the promotion and growth of the NCPA.

Formed in the summer of 2000 and promoting its first season of collegiate paintball competition in 2001, the NCPA, formed by league President Chris Raehl, has worked tirelessly to promote the growth of paintball by creating an infrastructure for college paintball enthusiasts to compete against one-another in a professional setting. The NCPA has taken great strides towards the legitimization of the sport of paintball in addition to simply sanctioning and producing college paintball tournaments by bringing paintball to television via the Collegiate Paintball National Championship and broadcast regularly on Fox College Sports. More recently, the NCPA has extended its reach to high school paintball in an effort to further legitimize and grow the overall game and sport of paintball. Colleges and universities currently competing in NCPA events include Purdue University, the University of Illinois, the United States Military Academy, Virginia Tech, Auburn and the University of West Virginia. For more information on the NCPA, including national rankings, a complete television broadcast schedule, league history and much more, visit

Paintball X3′s Business Journal and Media Services, founded by longtime paintball journalist, magazine editor, professional player and industry member John Amodea, offers paintball businesses a multitude of resources. From written materials that cover such subjects as paintball field insurance, writing a business plan, retail software, statistics, trends and financial news, to web design, press release writing, advertising placement and field and store consulting, Paintball X3′s Business Journal and Media Services helps business owners focus on what they do best, while handling the things that are often overlooked. For more information please contact John Amodea at

Chris Raehl, President
National Collegiate Paintball Association
(612) 605-8323

John Amodea, President
Paintball X3, LLC

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