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Teams IYAOYAS and South Beach Pimps form strategic alliance

January 24th, 2009

Clearwater and Miami, FL


Teams IYAOYAS and South Beach Pimps form strategic alliance

Scenario Paintball is about teamwork and skill, and in the Deep South there are a lot of teams with both. Two relative newcomers to the game have decided to join forces: The South Beach Pimps and Team IYAOYAS (If You Ain’t Operator You Ain’t Safe).

The South Beach Pimps formed in 2007 as a collection of friends who enjoyed the game. Comprised mainly of ex-tournament players, the Pimps earned accolades and curses alike for their hard hitting, high rate of fire style. The team plays mainly NOCER Productions and LCP Scenario Games events in Georgia and Florida.

While the Pimps don’t have a team captain per se, their most respected members John Navarro and Jay Murray had comments on this new alliance. Navarro said “When teams join up in an alliance.. Its a special embrace of trust, friendship and teamwork.. an involvement that only happens under special circumstances… the acceptance of each teams role is what makes it successful. knowing that each teams goal will be accomplished is what makes us all stronger.. welcome to the SBP ARMY!!”.

Jay Murray, another respected member of the team who acts as the team’s ‘enforcer’ said “In 2009, the Deep South scenario scene will be off the chain! Looking forward to working closely with the IYAOYAS. The IYAOYAS and the PIMPS have developed an arrangement that enhances both team’s strengths and style of play. Occasionlly in the past, we have worked together to the benefit of both teams. Now, we are planning to run and gun full time. To our honorable competition, If you didn’t like meeting us head on before, you will like it less in ’09!”

The two teams couldn’t be any more different in scope and core skills…the South Beach Pimps are known for clearing areas of opposing players, and they have a love for base eliminations. Meanwhile, IYAOYAS excels in missions and intel.

At the opposite end of the scale, Team IYAOYAS is a highly organized team, with most of their members being ex-military. Team Captain Joseph Holleran comments on these differences saying, “When you combine two teams in alliance that have separate roles on the field, the force is that much more dangerous. From Assaults to Missions and Intel, this new family is prepared to hit the scenario scene with extreme aggression and determination. May those on the receiving end of this war machine go down in a loud and glorious manner!”

Meanwhile 1st lieutenant Dale “Rattpack” Surratt takes a different tact on the alliance saying “I feel that the alliance between the South Beach Pimps and Team IYAOYAS will make for an outstanding combat multiplier. The SBP’sĀ are like a mad pit bull off the chain, that can’t be stopped when they go into attack mode. Combine that with IYAOYAS members having close to 100 years of combined joint military experience and tactics, equals pure focused aggression with thinking outside the box! When we hit the field in force, I can hear the cries now, “Damn, where did they come from?”. I would hate to be on the opposing side.”

The relationship between the teams started at LCP Scenarios’ “Revenge of a Nerd” game at Camp Blanding last year, where then-General Dale Ford was impressed with the level of dedication and drive IYAOYAS had both on and off field. A chance meeting during an incoming base assault led to a friendship between Ford and Holleran, and things developed from there. Since then the teams have coordinated their efforts on-field to make the combined force that much more effective for the side that they were playing for.

For more information, check out for Team IYAOYAS and to keep up with the Pimps!

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