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This report was written by Rod “SirRod” Selner, a local player and one who is widely respected online across the globe!

Orbital Paintball Hosts Good Day Tampa Bay

Monday February, 9th, 2009 by SirRod

Well I heard about Fox 13 doing a live shoot for there morning

show from SheWolf of Team Gone Ballistic on Friday evening.

Made all preparations to attend. I posted the information on WarPig

that’s where I hang out these days on line.

My 6 year old Grandson Ethan watched every move I made preparing.

I’m raising the 3rd generation of paintballers in the family.

I did not sleep much the night before.

Must have been hyper excited to play some paintball with my

friends from Orbital. I arrived at 06:00 and no one but -OR-Jester was there.

He gave me a warm greeting since we hadn’t seen each other In a while.

-OR-Jester said Scott Williams (Sasquatch) the manager would arrive soon.

As the sky grew lighter the Fox 13 WTVT remote van arrived.

Started setting up there live broadcast mast, which also has a

camera on it as well. When you see the short clip of the play you

see the high angle view of the field with players firing there markers.

When I saw Charlie Belcher arrive I greeted him with a “There’s

Charlie Belcher” he shook my hand, as I introduced myself.

At 07:00 the first segment took place on the field with Charlie

Introducing the viewing audience to Orbital Paintball.

Scott the field manager explained the rules to Charlie and the viewing audience.

Stressing safety and “Don’t shoot the camera guy” LOL!

There was a short game, the pop, pop, pop of paintball

markers filled the cool early morning Thonotosassa air.

Charlie Belcher the host said “This is Fun” with a big smile on his face.

I had to laugh, and thought of the first time back in 85 when I played

my first game at Island Adventure paintball on Sneed’s Island.

There was a laps in play till time for the next segment of the live broadcast

grew near. The games were played on Orbital Paintball’s extensive

Speedball field. Now I’m not a speedball player but I have to admit it was fun

to get out there among the half pipes and pallet bunkers Orbital had made.

This is the live broadcast segment that you see on’s web site in

“Charlie’s World”.

Near the end of the game Scott got Charlie to go after the

flag and as he grabbed it his foot hit the bunker and he tripped.

Getting up and laughing he said “Who shot me”.

Everyone was laughing, I walked up to Charlie and pointing to a yellow splat

On my vest told Charlie “you got me”. Then I said “high five” and pulled up my

Vforce goggles, to get my face on TV. Scott had been shot all up and had

yellow paint on the side of his goggles. Now mind you all I would never lift up

my goggles while on the field. But hey it was TV. We had a break waiting for

the next segment. I talked to Pat Hebert the Owner of Orbital Paintball, and

thanked him for allowing us all to come out and get on TV, he said “no don’t

thank me” he said “Thank you for coming”. What a nice guy he is.

I’ll be back to Orbital Paintball again. Its only 30min North of my home in Ruskin.

I-75 to Fowler, then north on US 301 and its less than a mile on the right.

We played one more game for the last live segment of the broadcast.

I was shooting Orange fill with yellow shell 2 year old DraXxus Midnight through

my Smart Parts Freak System with the .682 insert. That DraXxus

shot straighter than any other paint I’ve shot in a long time. I know why

Billy Smith of Low Country Paintball is using it now. I will in the future as well.

I shot Scott in the left shoulder, RonBo in the leg and Charlie Belcher in the

leg as well. No one else was shooting that color orange, so they were my balls.

The teams in attendance were, Team Gone Ballistic, Orbital Reign,

Xtreme Fanatics and some Hillsborough County Fire Fighters.

Now these were only elements of teams for instance

“TAZ” was the only player from the Xtreme Fanatics.

In all there were 26 players in attendance.

Orbital Paintball footed the bill for the HPA. They filled my HPA tank 2 times.

We played 4 games in conjunction with the live broadcast.

After the Fox 13 WTVT crew and Charlie Belcher left we played one more game.

It was over too soon for me at 09:30. I thanked the staff of Orbital Paintball for

having me and said my goodbyes to all the great players who came out on a

chilly morning to have some fun. I have played at Orbital Paintball in the past

but now I’ll be in more regular attendance since its under new ownership.

If you live in the Tampa, St.Pete area come on down to Orbital Paintball.

You will have a great time just like I did.

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