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Another View on The Change of Venue for World Cup

When I put up the press release from the PSP regarding the new venue for World Cup, I was actually pleased.  However, as evidenced by the email sent in anonymously below, not everyone agrees with the move:

My God, what in the hell were Lane and the others at PSP thinking when they moved the World Cup over to the grounds of Fantasy of Flight?

Yeah, as you noted in the last Ford Report, it’s closer to the Tampa Bay area, thus making it more convenient for you and a few others, but there are far fewer hotels, and they are more expensive, at least, according to the little green “Room Saver” booklet, available in the foyer of Denny’s, and in other locations.   In the Lakeland area, a room at the Holiday Inn goes for $79.99.  In Kissimmee, that same room is $49.00.  The Days Inn and Suites has rooms for $59.99 in Lakeland.  30 miles away in Kissimmee, that room is $29.95.

Well, maybe there will be those that will make the commute.  Ten years ago, the hotels around Cranberry, PA, were 25-30 miles from the Big Butler Fairgrounds, and the IAO.

Yeah, there were some issues with Disney scheduling a karate tournament on the World Cup weekend, and that parking was, at best, a cluster exercize, but there just ain’t a hell of a lot at Lakeland/Polk City.  Hell, in Kissimmee, there was Old Town, and a number of fine eateries.  Lakeland/Polk City doesn’t come close. I think PSP needs better negotiators.   Damn, where the hell is Jerry Braun when we need him?

With the economy in the tank, and unlikely to improve any time soon, PSP should be making every effort to aid and assist the players in bringing down their costs, and in making the World Cup more affordable and player/attendee friendly.  I am of the opinion that they blew it big time, and that this move is going to be met with much resistance, and many complaints from players and vendors.  Many will not be back in 2010, and not for solely economic reasons.

I hope like hell I’m wrong.  But I have a bad feeling that it’s going to fall flat, and could well be the beginning of the end for what was once one of paintball’s premiere events.

  • Cyclops
    July 7, 2009

    You gotta be kidding me, right ?
    How many hours does it take to a player competing in D1/D2 level just to DRIVE to practice ? I have never ever drove less than 1 hour each way. I even drove up to 3 hours to practice with my team.
    And you are whining for a 30 minutes drive from Kissimmee to Fantasy of Flight ?!?!?!

    “Damn, where the hell is Jerry Braun when we need him?”… really ?!?! You want to talk about the “good old days”… let’s talk about Nemacolin, about New Orleans, about the old site for Cup, about the event in Texas (remember, players hiding underneath the paint trucks because there was no other place with some shade)…
    “With the economy in the tank” players are still there (Chicago lost 20 teams comparing to last year, with a freaking recession). Either the tank ain’t that deep or the players can afford playing paintball.
    $30/room/night extra if you can’t drive 30 minutes each day. That’s $550 extra (3 rooms/6 nights) IF you stay the entire event!!! Btw, try the Super8 at $71/night instead of Holiday Inn. If you can’t afford it, you probably shouldn’t have traded your Halo for a brand new Rotor, which won’t make any difference at 10bps.

    Anyway… i ain’t working for the PSP and everyone is entitled to an opinion… i bet you a drink the PSP will get 10 maybe 12% less teams at Cup but that’s about it.

  • tampabrock
    July 7, 2009

    It took 40min+ to drive into Downtown Chicago from Bolingbrook.

    It will take about 40min to drive into Downtown Tampa or Orlando for nightlife/entertainment.

    Yeah, its a bummer that the event moved, Disney was a great location, and i could tell my friends i was playing the Biggest event of the paintball world at Disney.

    Bottom line: Non-player spectators won’t go up, Cost of event for PSP will go down, and hotels/housing will be even more out in the ‘sticks’. CFP, one of the best fields in florida, is 10 minutes from the event (good for practice and after-event playing). We need to find locations that will draw more non-player spectators (LIKE CHICAGO!!!!)

  • Cyclops
    July 8, 2009

    I thought we all abandoned the idea of having any kind of non-player spectators anyway… that’s why the events were or are at locations such as Buffalo stadium, Gillette (NE Pat’s)… (NPPL) or Rock Hill, Greensburg, Phoenix U (PSP).
    Unless you have the event on Main street (NPPL Huntington Beach and Millennium Toulouse are the only two i can think of), you won’t have average Joe coming to our events. Most of the karate kids in Orlando didn’t even stopped when passing through the trade show.
    Don’t make me wrong. Paintball is a great sport. I love it, i play since ’95, but i still don’t see it as a mainstream sport, like skateboard can be.
    To be 40+ minutes from Downtown… Why would i even consider going Downtown? It ain’t vacations, ain’t a school trip neither. We travel to either play “National Level” paintball (that means you should be in bed at 10PM and not eating pizza/diet coke) or represent a company and sell products. In both cases, you should be rested and sober the next day. I would say we got 90% players / 10% vendors (maybe even less). Why 90% of the attendees should be concerned about how far the bars will be?
    I agree with Tampabrock on this: Non-player spectators won’t go up (unless our single/divorced relatives get married and have children kind enough to come and see us play), cost of event – therefore entree fees (well, hopefully) – will go down. And hotels could be cheaper simply by getting a AAA membership (save you 10% on hotels and more).

    Keep in mind Folks, PSP events are NATIONAL, top of the line, events. I love racing cars but i am not gonna pretend going into Nascar or even Indy car just because i can drive 160 mph.

  • Sideshow
    July 10, 2009

    When you dont make an effort to cater to possible spectators and guests of those attending, then how the HELL can you expect the sport to grow or ever become “main stream”?

    Guess what… it wont. When you only cater to those actually playing you are limiting your growth potential.

    Stop trying to make ONLY a profit, and raping the industry with close minded mentality.

    Last I checked, most are adults, so your 10pm bedtime attitude shows the level of maturity and thinking you have….backwards

    ANY event no matter what the genre also impacts the economics of the area its held. In this day and age of our ecomomy we should be doing everything to stimulate growth.

    Who cares how far the bars are? That bartender and server who in years past made that big paycheck to help their families going into the holiday season BECAUSE of this event.

    Perhaps you need a second eye Cyclops, your lack of depth perception has handicapped you.

  • tampabrock
    July 18, 2009

    Most players, at least on days they are playing, are in bed at 10pm… but, tons of people like to go into the cities to go to restaurants, bars, etc. on nights when they dont have morning matches.

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