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Guerilla Air Introduces the Myth G2 Regulator

Guerrilla Air announced another new innovation in MYTH regulator technology, once again improving player performance,comfort and safety. Guerrilla Air will be offering the new MYTH G2 regulator, the first and only regulator with a 360 degree revolving brass sleeve, providing the player with total choice in gauge, fill nipple and ASA alignment. Guerrilla Air utilized high-performance engineering to innovate and improve the overall player experience.

The MYTH G2 regulator is designed to address irritating issues that affect every paintball player, which include; the way your regulator and ASA line up. Now, with the new Myth G2, players can adjust their regulator into multiple pivot point positions to ALWAYS line up the gauge and fill nipple to their liking thereby improving comfort and performance – with just three easy turns!

Guerrilla Air did a limited release of Myth G2′s to top professionals in the paintball industry, insuring it met the design criteria it was intended for. “We are very excited about having a new addition to the MYTH family of regulators that sets a new standard no other regulator out there can achieve” said Dan Colby, “and therefore it is only fitting that the best players get a chance to put it through its paces first!”

The Myth G2 features:

- 360 degree revolving regulator technology; offering full adjustability to align your regulator and ASA according to player

preference without compromise.

- Brass threading to avoid galling

- Replaceable modular thread sleeve; insuring extended regulator lifetime

- Two low-profile Pro Burst Disks

- Light weight

- MYTH low-profile regulator design

- Competition class internal components

  • Easily rebuildable by the player

“We found that some kids did not understand how our internal, high tech, low side safety worked” said Dan Colby, “so we added an external one as well, to put everyone’s mind at ease. Now your Myth will have THREE safeties built in, one high pressure, one low pressure and one internal low pressure. Plus, they are Pro Burst disks and therefore flush with the reg. When we do things, we like to do it right!”

The NEW MYTH G2 is scheduled for release and available for purchase late September early October, coinciding with the Oahu Open and World Cup.

For more information contact Guerrilla Air at

Here is what some of the Pro’s are saying:

“The Guerrilla Air MYTH G2 regs are hands down the best on the planet. When I play with mine I barely even

notice its there! They are the smallest, lightest, sleekest, and safest. Every serious player should have one of


Alex Fraige – Team Dynasty

The new MYTH G2 regulator is truly amazing, and a great new piece of required gear for any player. Playing

long scenario games I need a 68ci tank, but I have always hated the length. With the new MYTH G2, my tank

feels like I’m using a 45ci. And I love the awesome new feature of being able to adjust the position of the collar,

meaning no more gauges uncomfortably bumping into my wrists! Add to that the benefit of a totally userserviceable

reg, and you have one incredible piece of equipment for all players from the woods to the arenas.”

David Thompson – Team Capital Offense

“I love it! Finally no more gauges cramping my style! These regs are so revolutionary I am going to see what

else they can do. Hopefully they make getting girls that much easier! Now when you see someone’s gauge and fill

nipple in the wrong spot you know you can steal their girlfriend in 2.3 seconds flat”

Todd Martinez – Living Paintball Legend

“Guerrilla Air’s commitment to breaking the mold with innovative designs continues with the release of this

product. The MYTH G2 is for the player who does not settle for anything but the best. The LA Hitmen team will

be using these MYTH G2′s as soon as they are released!”

Sonny Lopez – LA Hitmen

Guerrilla Air® is the worldwide leader in the manufacturing and distribution of High Performance Air Systems. Regulators

and Air Systems that have made paintball what it is today. They have brought to market such world renowned products


MACHETE® as well as other Guerrilla Air branded products. For more information visit

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