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Well here we are, in the last few weeks before Shooting Hot magazine goes live. Billy, Joe and I are all busy grinding away to get things in order before we put our first issue out there for you to read and enjoy.
Shooting Hot Magazine is going to be a paintball magazine for ALL players, but our main focus will be on older, more experienced players who love paintball, but they love other things like camping, cooking, and going on vacation. Our demographic are the players who come into your booth to buy gear, not just salivate over it and ask you to give them one for free as a sponsorship.
This more mature audience demands a more adult perspective on the sport, and our writers embody this new perspective. Along with known talents like Bambi Bullard, Dawn Allcot and T.B Wright, we’re bringing in previously unknown talents like Terry Black, Bill Bain and Jamie “The Tiny Blonde Goddess” Ford to inform and entertain you.
This coming week the Paintball Extravaganza is happening in Atlanta, Georgia. In addition to her contributions as a writer for Shooting Hot, Bambi Bullard is going to be on site to talk to you about advertising with Shooting Hot. In these tough times, it’s all about getting the best value for your money. I think once you listen to what Bambi has to say, we think you’ll agree that Shooting Hot is going to be one of the best deals going!
If you’d like to discuss advertising opportunities before Paintball Extravaganza starts, feel free to email Bambi at or me at for more information.

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