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South Beach Pimps sign with Planet Eclipse for 2010

The South Beach Pimps, based in Miami, Florida and home of legendary South Beach, have renewed their sponsorship agreementwith Planet Eclipse. The terms of the agreement haven’t been made public.

The team is comprised mainly of old school tournament players getting back to their roots in the woods. Obviously playing inthe woods isn’t the same as it was 15-20 years ago, and that’s where Planet Eclipse comes in.

Today’s scenario/big game play in the Southeast is among the most intense in the country. Having the trifecta of speed,reliability and accuracy forms the powerhouse of the South Beach Pimps’ dominance.

Along with team IYAOYAS, the South Beach Pimps have formed the South Eastern Alliance, which is a collection of like-mindedteams that want to work together at events and understand fair play, sportsmanship and the value of a good gunfight.

While the South Beach Pimps don’t have a captain per se, it’s generally accepted that John Navarro is at the helm by virtueof being the nastiest, most aggressive player on the team. Here’s what he had to say about the 2010 Sponsorship from PlanetEclipse: “It’s an honor to be backed up by a paintball leader such as Planet Eclipse, we can continue our mission in takingover one field at a time with Planet. We welcome anyone to walk up to us at any field we visit and we’ll gladly put a P.E.marker in your hand and convert you!”

Ian ‘Jacko’ Parsons of Planet Eclipse had this to say about keeping the South Beach Pimps in the Planet Eclipse stable ofscenario teams: “Having the Pimps in our stable this year has been great they have travelled and spread the Eclipse word andare great Ambassadors for the sport of paintball, we are looking forward to a great 2010!!”

Planet Eclipse joins Kila Products, Deadlywind, LCP, Guerrilla Air, SoBe Paintball, and the The Ford Report. To keep up withthe Pimps, check out .  For more information on Planet Eclipse, check out

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