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Planet Eclipse Welcomes Team IYAOYAS Back For Their Second Year, in the 2011 Season.

Planet Eclipse seized the opportunity once again to work with scenario powerhouse, Team IYAOYAS. While the terms of the agreement are not public, the growth of the relationship between Eclipse and IYAOYAS ensures that you will also be seeing a lot more news about the teams exploits in the future, through Planet Eclipse HQ.

Since their founding in 2007, Team IYAOYAS has grown to staggering numbers. Now consisting of 4 U.S. chapters, as well as their first international chapter in Australia.  You will find them at most national events, as well as a large number of regional events throughout the year.

IYAOYAS founder, Joseph “Sideshow” Holleran, expresses his excitement about 2011 by saying “We look forward to the challenges that await our team in the next year, and rest assured knowing that we have the support of one of the industry leaders in making it happen!”

Ian “Jacko” Parsons, Planet Eclipse President / U.S. Division , goes on to say, “ We are excited to continue our relationship with IYAOYAS for 2011, we will soon be announcing the calendar for 2011 so you can test your skills against one of the best teams in the country !!”.

So follow Team IYAOYAS and Planet Eclipse as they dominate games together across the U.S. and the World!

For more information about Planet Eclipse, visit

To follow Team IYAOYAS, visit, or news about them at the Planet Eclipse HQ Blog,

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