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When Worlds Collide: Challenge Accepted

Paintball Players aren’t monochromatic people. Besides their paintball addiction, they’re parents, employees, and have other hobbies to take up their time and keep their interest.  Some of us, have the energy and time to do several hobbies, while others dedicate themselves to just one hobby/sport and work to be the best at it.

Rodeo Roping, like paintball is an activity that can turn into a lifestyle. Mike Herring is a former bronco and bullrider who turned to roping as a way to keep his need for rodeo action fed after he sustained enough injuries to retire him from bronco busting and bull riding. He’s approached roping with the same intensity that he put into his riding, and has become a world-class rodeo roper.

I’m a retired tournament paintball player. While I never ascended to the pro ranks or was ever considered a ‘world class’ player, I took my competition seriously and invested lots of time, money and effort into becoming the best player I could. Since my retirement from tournament paintball nearly 5 years ago, I’ve applied that same intensity and dedication to becoming one of the best writers and photographers in the sport of paintball.

During a phone conversation today with Dynamic Finishes girl Ashley Adair, I got the chance to talk with Mike a little bit, and over the course of our conversation a challenge was tendered, and I initially deferred on accepting Mike’s challenge to enter his world of roping, and he would enter my world of paintball.

After some ribbing on Mike’s part, I finally accepted his challenge, and in the very near future I’ll be traveling up to Georgia to get some instruction from Mike and fellow world-class roper Steve Turner to make sure I’m at least somewhat safe playing in his world of horses, saddles, and rope. At a later date Mike will hopefully accept an invitation from me to attend a scenario game at Low Country Paintball to face off with me and against me on LCP’s tournament paintball field.

All of this will be chronicled in Shooting Hot Magazine, where we not only tell you about the game, we live it!
Stay tuned…

  • SirRod
    January 31, 2011

    Be waiting with bated breath there Brother Ford… I think he will have an easier time shooting than Dale will ropeing steers. All in all sounds like a fun time. Hope to be a whitness maybe for posterity. Be pulling for your Dale…8D What do you think?

  • The Ford
    February 6, 2011

    “Georgia” Joe Hamilton is pondering selling tickets to this thing…

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