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May 5th, 2011

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  • The May issue of Shooting Hot is here! Http://
  • IYAOYAS strongman Will Conlee leaned in with this: “Dave “Mutt” Vaughn, Will “dbug” Conlee, Derek “Melonhead” Eaton, Pete “Reeko” Riegert, Matt “Mongo” Skartsiaris, Jason “Slim” Dinwiddie, and Chris Crazyfive2″ Kaminski of Team IYAOYAS, Midwest Chapter, will be fighting for the Somalis side at Hell Survivors Day of Rangers 28 hour scenario, May 14th-15th, 2011 in Michigan..”
  • The NPPL got a deal with Holiday Inn in Joliet, IL for their NPPL Chicago event as well as Living Legends 4.
  • Speaking of the NPPL Chicago event, the guys over at KEE are willing to hook you up if you’re using an AXE and RPS Paint at the event.
  • This weekend The World Domination Tour makes a stop in The Carolinas for the DXS Supported event Paintball Central in Greenville, NC. Come out and rock out with Billy, Bill, and the rest of the DXS World Domination Tour Crew! for all the info you need.
  • Testing commenced on the Empire AXE this past weekend. The trigger is phenomenal…more as Bill and I dissect the gun.
  • Testing also commenced on the Critical Stealth Pack. My initial impression is that it’s miss-named…it’s stealthy enough, but first impressions are that it’s also a VERY fast pack, helping get paint into your gun faster than other packs.
  • Both reviews of course will be in an upcoming issue of Shooting Hot Magazine.
  • Speaking of which, did you get a load of this month’s cover girl? Lordy.
  • The Tippmann Challenge France Prize Package has been announced:
  • “Sexy Rexy” up at Old River Paintball dropped in with this tidbit: “Don’t forget this Saturday 5/7/11 is B.Y.O.P. (Bring Your Own Paint).Hope to see everyone there please call 352-388-5840 or email to make reservations. We will be closed Mothers Day 5/8/11.”
  • The D-League event photos are now available:
  • LCP Scenarios’ “Georgia” Joe Hamilton sent this tidbit along: “It pleases me to report that both moonshine stills for the upcoming Clan Wars Game are completed and are awaiting a paint job to complete the set. My team and I have high spirits for the upcoming clan wars and believe it will be the perfect pre-cursor for Low Countries upcoming September game at Low Country Paintball game ” Moon Shine Wars”.”
  • Black River Paintball is having an event May 14th, “Call For Duty”. Check out the info for this game at
  • Next weekend the Ikego Paintball Paradise Open is next weekend:
  • In Canada, the Warriors In the Woods event is coming to Banshee Paintball…check out for all the info you need!
  • The NPPL is having an advanced PRO Ref Training Course this weekend.
  • Ken “Hollywood” Gilder found some stuff cleaning out his closet: “While going through some of the boxes of stuff that have accumulated over the years, I came across an (almost) complete player and team packet from the 1991 California Magnum National Amateur Open Paintball Tournament, The only missing item, to the best of my knowledge, is the event patch, which is probably gracing one of my “brag rags.” I’m aware we have some historians out there who collect this stuff, so if someone is interested in this packet from the first Amateur Open, and who doesn’t mind parting with a few dollars, make me an offer.”
  • I see on Facebook that Frank “The Tank” Connell is now engaged. Sorry ladies… Add that in with the fact that I’m spoken for, and it’s looking a little bleak out there for you…but trust me, there are plenty of studly, available men out there. Certainly not to our caliber, but you’ll make due…

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