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July 28th, 2011: The Hangover

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  • The South Beach Pimps Annual Luau was this past weekend in Miami, Florida. My God, it was epic.
  • Rick Chard is excited to announce the 2012 Paintball Extravaganza International, which is set to go off February 28th-March 1st 2012 at the National Conference Center in the Washington, D.C. Area. See the full PR here:
  • FogDoc and the guys at RAP4UK team up to bring FogDoc’s line to Europe.
  • The PSP rolls out some highlights from Chicago:
  • So, who should Brian Barno play for? Blue or Red? if you’re confused….
  • What might be fun is to have Brian go ahead and play for Red, then I could kidnap Frank and play for Blue…that way Red has to face me and Frank down again… But that’s just me.
  • It would appear that the Valken V-Max is now available on ANS Gear’s website.
  • So Will, where’s mine at to review? Hook a hairy man up!
  • Speaking of Blue, he dropped by with this tidbit: “Pre-registration for the TIPPMANN EXTRAVAGANZA 26 Hour Scenario Game “DUNE” produced by TSSOC ends this Friday the 29th so save $10 and get yours in. This also gets you FREE ENTRY to the BLUE VS RED Game at OXCC the following weekend in Maryland complete with T-Shirt giveaways signed by both BLUE and Greg “RED” Hastings. Two Great Events, One Price!”
  • Kreisman went all Ninja on me and slipped this under my door while I wasn’t looking: “Empire Paintball is a leading paintball manufacturer and distributor of paintball equipment, apparel and paintballs. We are currently looking for a Product Marketing Manager to oversee paintball product lines. This role is responsible for developing and managing product lines from creation to development to production to post launch analysis.” to throw your hat in the ring.
  • TechPB’s StickToDrum now has his own YouTube Partnership:
  • Tom Kaye is returning to Paintball to show off his shoebox compressor at this year’s Paintball Festival.
  • Back in the day, I did a video interview with him, and the outtakes were hysterical.
  • Hollywood is going to the Paintball Festival, too…
  • You may want to go ahead and get your team registered for the NPPL DC Challenge if you’re playing…prices are going up August 4th!
  • UK Ballers hoping to see GHP2 for the first time where disappointed to to hear that, due to injury, Greg Hastings was unable to fly to the UK as part of the 2011 Tour of Duty. With the main UK gaming stores now listing the GHP2 for pre-order, this event was going to be the spring board the game in UK and Europe. Greg was originally going the Super 6/3 Dimond Wars- The Paintfest event at NPF, Birmingham, England, to promote the game and run a tactics clinic on the Saturday of the event and lead a faction on the Sunday. The NPF site is one of the non-US based sites currently featured in GHP2.
  • Holy Crap:
  • E-Money ripped a couple of copiers in half at my day job to make sure he got my attention, then he let me know this: “ Check the new PSP LITE field from SUP AIR, Money Paintball is the only place to get it:
  • The NPPL is having a contest among the Pro Players in the Eastern and Western Conferences where the public can vote for their favorite players.
  • I was told to vote for Frank Connell….or else.
  • This year’s official UKPSF Big Game is being held at Shoreline Outdoor in the UK. Staargate vs. Rome is the theme, and you can get signed up over at . If you’re in Europe, make Suzy happy and sign up today!
  • Midwest South Beach Pimp Shawn Collins let me know about the next event at Fort Knox Paintball in my home state of Indiana:
  • Speaking of Hoosiers, my 2nd next ex-wife Meghan Collins took a lot of pictures at this year’s Pimp Luau, and I have it on good authority that they may make it to her website in the near future.
  • After the party this past weekend, my girlfriend and I took care of some business in Clearwater before I had to fly back to Akron. She informed me this afternoon that the documents indicating the resolution of the legal matter I had to attend to was all said and done. I was relieved when I walked out of the Judge’s office Monday, and hearing that news today sealed the deal for me. One door closes, another one opens.

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