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Ninja introduces GS-Series Regulators

Here’s a note I got from Rob Leary over at Ninja Paintball today:

Ninja Paintball has just released a new line of regulators called the GS-Series or Gun Specific Series. Over the years, we have received numerous calls from players requesting us to build them a custom regulator with a very specific output pressure that is optimal for their marker. Another reason why we created a non-adjustable line of regulators was due to some players not feeling comfortable opening up our adjustable regulator to custom tailor the output pressure to whichever marker they are shooting that day. The GS-Series uses our custom-built Belleville Spring Stack which allows for a slightly faster recharge rate and will give you a very consistent reading over the chrono. Tests show that your HPR on your marker, is able to regulate lower targeted pressures easier than if you were using a standard high pressure tank regulator, as long as your marker accepts both.


The SLP is designed for the Victory and G6R with a regulator output pressure of 300psi.

The SMP550 is designed for the Luxe, Angel, NT, Geo , Ego, Creed, and Demon with an output pressure of 550psi.

The SHP is designed for the Automag with (2) output settings. Regulators will ship at 1150psi and can be dropped down to 900psi.


If you are not sure which regulator will work with your marker, give us a call and we can let you know which regulator we would recommend for your particular setup.



Rob Leary



Rob Leary

Ninja Paintball

Phone: 877-NinjaUSA (646-5287) ext 309

Skype: NinjaPBRob

Fax 815-477-7395

Proudly Made in the USA

**Ninja offers free marketing for your events on our Facebook Fan Page**


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