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September 15th, 2011: Wedded Bliss

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  • My girlfriend and I got married this weekend! Get the details (and pictures!) here:
  • If anyone in the paintball industry wanted to send along wedding gifts, feel free….
  • Paintball Dealers: Learn from the best in the industry at the DXS Round Table:
  • Meanwhile the boys over at Planet Eclipse are doing some prototyping…Ian and Ledz are proving resistant to suggestion, so I’m sending Stealth Ninja Minions to get more info and report back to me. That means Gerry probably needs to avoid looking up at the ceiling for awhile….
  • In other news, Pev is returning to the Paintball Extravaganza:
  • NPPL is this weekend. DXS will be there with the show trailer and paint. Stop by and see Barno and say hello. See if he’ll hook me up with one of those new limited edition Grills masks and the new black Shank V2 pants!
  • Avalanche’s Frank Connell is angry with me for not inviting him to Ashley and I’s wedding…didn’t want the bride tackling him…call me jealous!
  • Meanwhile, G.I. Sportz and Fox Paintball have teamed up:
  • MAPL/GPL is this weekend. This is the rescheduled event thanks to hurricane Irene. Barno says you should stop by and check out the action and see what you’re missing by not playing this league.
  • Empire has released some videos detailing the Prophecy Z2 loader:
  • Social Paintball has rolled out a “Paintmate of the Month”. Check out this month’s lady here:
  • Tech PB’s Mike Phillips got the buy of the year at Wal-Mart earlier today….more info coming soon.
  • Meghan Collins, wife of South Beach Pimp Shawn Collins and hardcore player in her own right dropped by with this to say: “I’m raising money for a very important cause, through The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Light The Night Walk: finding better treatments and cures for blood cancers so patients can live better, longer lives. I’m asking you to help by making a tax-deductible contribution! Please use the link in this email to donate online quickly & securely. You will receive an email confirmation of your donation as soon as it is made. I thank you in advance for your support which will make a difference in the lives of thousands of patients battling blood cancers. I really appreciate your generosity!!
  • Speaking of Leukemia, my friend Kurt got his head stone this past week. Miss you brother.
  • 7-11 takes on Paintball:
  • Funny thing is, I know some of the guys in the video…
  • Paintball is coming to my old stomping grounds in Monett, MO:
  • The guys at Baddog together with pro team TB Damage worked hard to show how
    strong their custom goggle straps are, and the results are…interesting:
  • If you want to carry the Baddog straps at your store (They fit all popular
    goggle systems) let the guys at Baddog know by sending them an email to
  • From the Canadian Contingent, I got an email today: I am writing to raise awarness of my Scenario in Alberta Canada. Our Cattle Ranch is transformed into a fictional and hostile republic for a first class adventure. GPS guided missions, night raids and much more are involved in our 3 day event with our choice of 7000 acres. Multiple fields are transformmed into ‘Provinces’ of the Skyline Nation. We never play the same place twice and move people in transports. Our game is themed upon clandestine operations and high quality outdoor adventure. I designed this out of complete frustration of the common scene. We have been running well since 2005. We have an all inclusive packages for our clients. I am very much interested in the scene in Europe and wish to visit/play and meet the minds to further the sport in a Global fashion. Cheers, great site you have. Website:
  • What’s funny is that I’m extremely American. But I dig my European brothers out there making it happen, so I gotsta show ‘em love. Besides, Suzy from Shoreline is so nice…
  • Speaking of Suzy, her husband Tim along with several hundred other UK/Euro players will be converging on Shoreline Paintball to play “Staargate vs. Rome” in a few days. Http:// for more info.
  • Speaking of the Super 6 in the UK/Europe, the final leg has been scheduled for October…
  • I dig what Planet Eclipse has done with their scenario teams page…
  • There’s been a date change to register for World Cup this year. You can get registered by September 26th now!
  • TechT has released a bolt for the G6R:
  • Just in time for this week’s Report, the NPPL has opened registration for their World Paintball Championship event in Vegas. The event is set to go off November 11th-13th in Sin City! Check out for all the info.
  • I didn’t know Frank “Da Tank” Connell was the captain of the East Coast team in the All Star game going on this weekend at the DC Challenge…he may want to sit a couple of guys to make it more fair for the West Coasters…
  • The D-Leagues October 1st and 2nd event field layout will be set up and running at Camp Pendleton and Jungle Island this weekend. I wonder if the owner at Jungle Island still has that yummy vette that he had when I was out there a few years ago….
  • Spec Ops has some nice specials going on….
  • After work tomorrow, my wife and I will be heading over to LCP for a Black and Blue Krew (her team) practice, where we’ll be checking out the Valken V-Max, and giving the new Baddog straps a good going over…stay tuned to Shooting Hot Magazine for the reviews!

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