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Kilroy meets the Etek 3!

This past weekend I had the distinct pleasure to play with a Planet Eclipse ETEK 3 AM paintball marker. Now I am not a speedball player, but I do enjoy a nice marker. And this fits the bill. It is light weight and handles like a dream. I am a scenario player and I mostly play in the woods, I am also very big into the Mil-Sim style of guns.

This particular game was a Low Country Paintball (LCP) and I had the joy of playing in a 24 hour scenario game. The first day of play, I played with my new Tippmann X7 with an electronic trigger set to single shot semi and response with 2 shots per trigger pull, this mode put plenty of paint on a target, or so I thought. That evening my son and I were invited to a players meeting and cookout with the South Beach Pimps. During the meeting I was asked by the team captain, John Navarro, if I would be interested in shooting one of the ETEK guns. Again, I am more a Mil-Sim person, but I said yes. The next day Geo from the Pimps let me borrow one of his markers, Mike Tolnay lent me a Rotor hopper, and I used my own CP high pressure air tank.

When I went to the chrono station I was pleasantly surprised to find the gun was already set perfectly. This was a blessing and goes to show the reliability of the marker as it had been set several months ago. I then set off with my son and some of the Pimps to go hunting bad guys. I was very impressed with the weight of the gun and how easy it was to use right from the start. We had an almost immediate encounter as the opposing team was trying to sneak up from behind our base. I started with just a few quick shots to stir them up and get them moving. At least that was my intention. Instead, I shot in the general area when I hit the guy square with the first two or three shots. That accuracy was out of this world. Next we moved up in pairs and put the poor guy in a pincer move with three guns on him. The rope of paint that came out of my marker startled me, and with all of us hitting him several times he was out in no time. Again, the accuracy was fantastic and with the ramping set to PSP mode it just blew me away. I had previously thought that my X7 in response mode put a pretty good amount of paint on a target. I was very wrong. The ETEK was faster and more accurate than I thought possible

Now I am not new to paintball by any means, and do understand that there are differences between markers, but I can dare say that I will be looking into purchasing a new marker and it will be either an ETEK or something of the same design from Planet Eclipse. I am definitely a new convert to this style of marker. I would like to thank John, Geo, Mike, Dale , and the rest of the South Beach Pimps for letting me try out of these marvelous markers. I had the time of my life.



Mike “Kilroy” Castleman

Team Captain of Dragon Force/ OP4

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