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Tippmann Challenge UK – fastest selling paintball event in history

4 minutes 32 seconds

714 tickets

2.6 tickets per second

157.5 tickets per minute

In extraordinary scenes in Europe, the UK’s Tippmann Challenge event run by Shoreline Paintball sold out less than five minutes after online bookings were opened. The scramble for tickets was made even more astonishing given that the event is not taking place until July 2012……a full nine months away. This is believed to be the fastest selling paintball event of all time.

Players from the USA, Canada, Sweden, Germany, France, Belgium, Holland, Spain, Malta, Cyprus, Australia, Singapore, South Africa,  Ireland, Greece and Turkey as well as from all over the UK all rushed for tickets at the 1900hrs release time and when the system was manually shut down was the player cap was breached, hundreds more were left disappointed.

The event itself will be played in a town, through buildings, houses, churches, garages, hotels and even grave yards. The facility is a military urban training venue and possibly one of the most astonishing venues in world paintball equipped with ground shaking state of the art audio system, day/night CCTV, sewer systems and complete with dozens of burning Russian tanks.


“As a company we are working really hard to constantly push the boundaries and give players more and more value and quality for their ticket money. The response to the launch of our latest event is really encouraging for us because it means that the players seem to be appreciating the efforts our team is making on those fronts. UK events will never be the biggest in the world, but our aim is to make them amongst the best and to see so many overseas players now booking in to Shoreline games gives us confidence that we are on the right track. The Tippmann Challenge series of games around the world are fantastic adverts for paintball and the demand for tickets for the UK leg of the series just goes to show the high regard that players everywhere have for the franchise.”

Tim Barnett, Director, Shoreline Events Ltd

“The fastest paintball event sell out that I have ever seen. 700+ players in 4 minutes and 32 seconds is unheard of. I can just see the scalpers and touts wondering around outside the base hawking tickets and phone calls from players around the world asking me if I can get them tickets! Amazing.

Brent Cunningham, Director of International Sales, Tippmann Sports LLC



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