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V-Force Thermal Lenses are here!

Both Procaps Direct and Procaps L.P. are happy to announce the release of VForce thermal lenses.

After years of intense research and testing, VForceTM thermal lenses are now available! These dual paned lenses are thermoformed and maintain the superior VForceTM standards of distortion free optics and the use of anti-fog technologies. Dual paned thermal lenses were created to handle the toughest of conditions accompanied with the VForceTM QuickChangeTM lens replacement system and superior coatings. VForceTM continues to provide the most technically advanced Vision Systems in the industry.

“You asked and we listened! VForce Goggles have been the only masks with the most distortion free vision on the market and we continue with our new dual pane lenses. If you have a Vision For Victory, and we know you do, then other brands of lenses don’t even come close.”

- Brian Barno, General Manager, Procaps Direct.


VForce is very busy, so keep up with what is going on at and follow us on our Social Networks to find out what’s next.


Procaps® Paintball is the exclusive manufacturer and supplier of the winning paintball brand DXS® also known as DraXxuS®, the world’s first environmentally friendly paintball using EcoFill™. Procaps® also produces VForce® Vision Systems, paintball masks players have come to love and trust for safety and maximum visibility, a vision for victory. Procaps LP and their recognized brand names (DXS®, VFORCE®) have been supplying the world for over 10 years with their award-winning DraXxus fill and XBall Shell technologies, now fused into the ultra-performance DXS Gold Hellfire, Silver and Bronze fill formula. With the introduction of the ECOFILL line of DXS paintballs, field owners and players can experience the best quality performance in the industry but also the added benefit of the most environmentally friendly paintballs in the world.

Learn more about Procap®, DXS®, VForce™ and other products by visiting and be sure to join them on Facebook at where you’ll find great paintball news, upcoming events, video, and photos from DXS®.

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