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Mike Spurlock involved in vehicle accident

I spoke this morning with Mike Spurlock, and he related that he’d been in an accident.  As you can tell in the picture taken from Facebook, he’s alive and functional, but he’s added to his scar collection.   Mike joins Larry Cossio and Glenn Palmer in having survived serious motorcycle accidents this year.

Mike lives and works in Tainan, Taiwan, which means a majority of the transportation over there is done via scooters.  Yesterday morning while on his way to his factory a woman pulled in front of him with no warning and according to Mike, the next thing he remembers is waking up in the hospital with a major concussion (he was wearing a helmet), cuts and lacerations to his face that required 20 stitches, and various missing chunks of meat and bruises.  He didn’t comment on the status of his scooter, but given the damage sustained by Mike, it’s likely totaled.

Scooter accidents are sadly very common in Taiwan, and this isn’t the first time Mike has had to use his face as a braking system.  Think driving in Tampa or Miami on steroids.  My solution to the crazy conditions was to acquire a very large, very red truck that even an elderly driver would have a hard time missing.  Unfortunately that’s not a reasonable option in Taiwan.

This morning when we spoke Mike was back at the factory hard at work, despite his injuries.   Ashley and I wish him a speedy and complete recovery!

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