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Payday Loans
November 3rd, 2011


Everything found here was either directly observed by the staff, sent in by members of The Ford Report Mailing list, or quoted by anonymous Ford Report Minions. Keep in mind at all times… The Ford Report is for entertainment purposes only! Some of the things posted here may not be completely accurate. These posts may directly correlate to yourself, your team, or company. Use the link in this email to unsubscribe from The Ford Report if you find yourself offended by it. If you’re seeing it on the site, then feel free to click that little red ‘X’ and move on with your day .

  • The November issue of Shooting Hot Magazine is here:
  • It would appear that Angel Paintball Sports is on it’s way out of business:
  • Fun Fact: That’s me in the picture with the G-Unit. It was taken at Commander’s Cup 2005. My wife doesn’t quite believe that it’s actually me in the shot. I guess I’ll have to keep losing weight and toning up so she’ll believe me…
  • DXS may be for sale:
  • I haven’t heard back from my Minions yet, which is a bit unsettling…Barno’s tough and all, but I really didn’t think he could handle Terminator Class Minions….
  • However, I do know if you email him at he can get you in the running for a paint deal for NPPL Las Vegas.
  • Meanwhile, Kreisman, Taitano and Bollenbach want to sponsor you like a pro in 2012:
  • In the meantime, Valken is busy as well, getting into the Airsoft market:
  • Bussler dropped by with this: “In case you missed it, Tippmann Sports has put together a new promotion where you can win $500 towards your next paintball private game or outing. You can check out this promotion on our Facebook page at . As an added bonus, we have a special offer for readers of paintball forums and news sites. When you enter this contest we ask what field you plan to play at. When filling out the field information, simply add in your favorite Paintball forum or news site and if you are chosen we will increase the prize pack by $250 to $750. Good luck, the contest goes until the end of November and you can enter weekly.”
  • Which means you need to go enter and type in “The Ford Report”!
  • Sometimes, good things happen to good people. “Hollywood,” who has been around this sport for what seems like forever, recently was struck by a lightning bolt of good fortune. His comment was “I have gone from ‘making enough to pay my bills, and even having a little left over at the end of the month,’ to ‘being moderately well off.’ Now I have to learn to quit thinking like a cheapskate.”
  • Planet Eclipse is celebrating the launch of, a brand new forum and paintball information website geared towards a more positive and helpful paintball community. In light of this celebration Planet Eclipse is giving away a Geo 2.1 paintball marker to one lucky registered member of the forum! Check out for more details, and be sure to join the newest, hottest forum in paintball!
  • I shot my South Beach Pimps GEO 2.1 last weekend…it’s a frickin’ Rail Gun….
  • Along with Angel and possibly DXS, Social Paintball is no more as well.
  • DXS Wildman Aaron Yendall fought his way past the Death Kitties and Bo the Cuddly Puppy to drop this note off: “Check this out. I’ve been working with Jim lively on this for a little while now to get it going. This is a great opportunity for kids who love paintball and want to better themselves through higher education. It’s truly one of the most positive things to happen in paintball for a long time. I hope you might have a chance to publish it:
  • For the record, Bo the Cuddly Puppy is an 80 pound German Shepherd, so give Yendall some credit!
  • Looks like the Valken V-Max is getting the price dropped after the 15th…ought to make it more popular!
  • Speaking of Valken, former Valken Vixen Waverly Muller went to work at Tiberius Arms:
  • Then Valken went and did a TV Commercial:
  • Tim Barnett of Shoreline Paintball is pleased as punch:
  • He’s fast, too!
  • Sly Equipment has a new website.
  • RAP4 rolls out the new Gen 4 Nautilus Drive:
  • DXS says thanks:
  • Heartthrob Jon-Paul Fortunati’s Critical Paintball has a new trigger for the DP line of guns.
  • And for the record, he makes my wife’s heart throb, not mine. I don’t roll that way.
  • The PSP informs me that Damage won using the new DYE DM12. I wonder if I’ll get to review one…
  • I understand that The Machine’s “Vapor” has gone to production. I’m pretty sure I’ll get to review one. Tee Hee!
  • You can pre-order paint now for The RPL’s 4th event.
  • Janek from Powerball dropped by, using an overblown Russian accent for some reason: “Sterling Paintballs, the UK made paintballs are conquering the world. Players all over Europe have come to know and love our quality product and we’ve grown in leaps and bounds in the last 3 years. We are adding more dealers and distribution points constantly, so if you want to sell a product that offers a great value for a good price, get in touch with us before someone else beats you to it. You can reach me at or by calling +44 20 323 90 230. We ship worldwide.”
  • Da.
  • Deep South Super Field owner Billy Smith will be busy this weekend watching as his daughter Macy begins her life with her beau Jack as a married couple. Ashley and I will be there to witness the blessed event.
  • With all of the uncertainty going on right now, let me get a few things clear: No, I don’t know what, if anything Billy is going to do for paint at his field. Note that (an alleged, potential) change in ownership doesn’t necessarily mean that things will change immediately. My wife doesn’t know either. Call Billy if you need to find out what he’s up to. As for the Ford Report’s association with DXS as Presenting Sponsor, I have it on good authority that could be changing, so I’m taking bids for your company to become the Presenting Sponsor of The Ford Report in 2012. Drop me a line at for a proposal. It’s breaking my heart at the idea of not having DXS on board, but if it happens, we’ll part as friends.

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