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December 1st, 2011

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  • The December issue of Shooting Hot Magazine is live! Check it out at
  • Black Friday is running all week long at TFR! Only got one day left, so might want to get on the stick….
  • After you do that, check out to get involved with the “Help Peyton” charity the game is supporting. That, and sign up for the Dark Side, since it’s my wife!
  • The Super 6 series in the UK is coming back in 2012, bigger, badder, and much cooler for 2012! Stay tuned for more info.
  • It’ll likely be more dangerous now, since Tim’s wife Suzy has started playing…complete with an Ego 11 and a SoBe Pimps headwrap. The headwrap makes her genuinely dangerous to go toe to toe with on the field….beware!
  • Paul “Baca Loco” Richards speaks out on some of the rumors floating around:
  • Regarding the rumors surrounding ProCaps, everyone is still saying “No Comment”.
  • However, there are no more rumors surrounding the potential PSP/NPPL merger:
  • DYE has new I4 and Rotor colors, and some nice deals if you’re looking to get an NT.
  • On a whim I kicked in Bill Bussler’s door to ask him about a rumor, and I’m told that it’s not true.
  • Which makes me wonder….
  • The concept of buying a piece of a company kinda weirds me out.
  • My old friend Rico Fernandez will be the general for one of the sides at “Unreal II”, to be held at Old River Paintball in February. Still waiting to see who wants to oppose him.
  • Speaking of scenario games, it looks like Planet Eclipse is stepping into the scenario world over in the UK:
  • The guys over at want to teach you how to play paintball:
  • Talked to Mike at Machine Paintball the other night…the first batch of Vapors are coming along nicely, thank you! Less than a month out on complete guns!
  • Meanwhile, things at the Super 6 are spooling up for the first event of the 2012 season, “District 10”:
  • LAPCO rolls out some new Apex adaptors for those of you who dig the long shot:
  • Apparently Exalt has a speed feed in the works…
  • Bussler informs me that Tippmann has a new mobile website…I rolled out my Droid 2 to see what it was all about…pretty cool!
  • The UWL is cocked, locked, and ready to rock for 2012, with their first event happening January 28th-29th at SC Village. It’s near “The I-15 and “The I-91” near Chino Hills.
  • Sounds a little strange to me to refer to the road I blast down every morning as “The Valdosta Road”. Must be a Cali thing.
  • Speaking of Georgia, I’m officially a Georgia resident as of today. Hopefully I won’t start coming to a complete stop to turn as so many Georgians are wont to do.
  • There’s a new Nordic all girl team over in Sweden:!/pages/Invidia/262435237139210?sk=wall
  • Next to genuine Southern Women, I have a well known weakness for Nordic Women. Don’t even get me started on English women. I’m a happily married man!
  • Had some interesting conversations this week with captains of industry like Richmond, Gino, and Billy Smith. Interesting times coming up. As my wife says when we jump in her badass truck, “Get In, Sit Down, Shut Up, and Hold On” Seems about right for how things are right now….


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