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December 22nd, 2011: The Pre-Christmas Snow Storm

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  • I’m proud to announce that 2 of the first Machine Paintball Vapors in the US will be making their public debut at LCP Scenario Games’ “Galaxy Wars” in January. If you needed yet another reason to go to this beast of a game, there’s you another. My wife will be encamped with her team BBK while I’ll be encamped with my team South Beach Pimps. We’ll be demonstrating the guns all weekend long, so feel free to drop by and take a peek! Http:// to get signed up for this event.
  • I got a picture from Joanne Wheeler today from the offices at the old ProCaps Facility, which will now be housing (I’m assuming) G.I. Sportz’s manufacturing and office facilities. Richmond finally got to sit behind his old desk. I’m told that even his old coin jar was still there. Official PR coming soon.
  • Sean Scott announces on Facebook that he was let go from DXS.
  • S-Thunder has welcomed professional reviewers to demonstrate ALTERNATIVE WAYS to effectively use S-Thunder milsim gear:
  • God help them if they give some gear to Ace Shooting Hot Magazine Reviewer Seth Manchester….the results will be interesting. Just sayin’!
  • Speaking of interesting LCP has announced on their facebook page a Zombies vs. Humans game at the Georgia SuperField in April. The format is similar to the “300” game done there a few years ago. It’s not for the faint of heart, and you better be wearing your big boy pants if you want to get in on it.
  • The kids over at ProPaintball.Com broke a story about a sighting of a new gun being prototyped by Thin Air Sports. Reps for Thin Air Sports later say on Facebook that the pictures taken were of a very early prototype. Which begs the question: If it’s an early prototype, why bother field testing it?
  • John Navarro, AKA the Till Lindemann of Paintball dropped by with this announcement: “Its official now. Rico Fernandez( ) of TopGun Productions will be leading the Humans and Jeff Gwaltney ( ) of Team IYAOYAS who will lead the Aliens. Pre registration is open for February 25-26,2012 @ Old River ( ) for the season opener of Greg Hastings Tour of Duty under the game title 4Real 2. We are looking forward to the out of state teams that are considering this event. If you re an out of state team you get a break or if you have a team of 10+,you get a break.. How could you resist!!”
  • You can’t. Trust me. And if you don’t know who Till Lindemann is, you need to get out more!
  • ANS Gear has the Etha in stock.
  • Frank “Da Tank” Connell joins Vanguard Paintball:
  • Meanwhile, LAPCO released a left handed magazine release for Tiberius Arms pistols:
  • The January 2012 issue of Shooting Hot Magazine will feature a new European editor, Robert Naylor.
  • The PSP is offering a discount through AirTran for PSP events…very not bad!
  • ProPaintball.Com announces that J-Rab has signed with Tampa Bay Damage.
  • Planet Eclipse announces their anniversary edition guns:
  • The D-League announces their 2012 season.
  • The RPL has opened up registration for their first event of 2012.
  • You remember me mentioning that I had heard there were some more developments in the Paintball Sports bankruptcy case? I got a box full of legal documents the other day that I plan on opening and taking a look through here in the very near future.
  • Blue kicked my door in after a long absence (I guess he thought I was mad at him?) with this announcement: “ will be Live Streaming the New Year’s Eve party presented by from 8:00 pm until 2:00 am. If you cannot join us at this great event, watch it on your computer, phone, or TV. Only $79 gets you to the Friday Night Party complete with two live bands and a Parrothead Costume Contest, Hawaiian Luau Saturday Afternoon, Saturday Night Party with two more live bands and Pirate Costume Contest and Breakfast buffet, plus live music Sunday at the Tiki Bar by the pool. Go to for more details and tickets.”
  • Speaking of Florida, Valken Super Beast Andy Potter is on his way back….safe travels!
  • I wasn’t mad at him, but the Death Kitties were upset that he’d been gone so long…
  • Ged Green dropped Ashley and I a note wishing Happy Holidays and a healthy 2012…and we wish him the same!
  • Up in Indiana, Fort Knox Paintball’s Mike Payroll announced the Payroll Productions’ 2012 season of events. I’m going to make a supreme effort to make their first event in March, but it’ll depend on advertising revenue and other income…plus it’d be the weekend of my birthday!
  • My Wife and my Father continue recovering, at what I consider a pretty impressive rate. If you’ve been following me on FB, you know I’ve been sicker than hell, but I finally beat it…all I had to do was raise hell with a doctor to give me a Prednisone prescription, and lo and behold I feel like a million bucks! Go figure… Merry Christmas to all of you!


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