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January 12th, 2012

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  • The January 2012 issue of Shooting Hot Magazine it out! Hit us up at to get in on the goodness!
  • Meanwhile, everyone going to “Galaxy Wars” next weekend is spooling up and getting their game faces on, including the Secret Weapons: Frankly, I’m rather impressed with the hand-picked killing machines both Generals picked.
  • Not sure who’s in bigger trouble, Da Tank or The Beast. Don’t even get me started on Winter….my people are telling me he’s the one who supervised the reason I got delivered to the medical droid in a bag…
  • Out in Oklahoma, Valken becomes the official paintball for Oklahoma D-Day:
  • Sean Scott tells me that this year’s Living Legends Commanders have been announced:
  • Spyder announces that the MRX is now available:
  • Shoreline Paintball’s Tim Barnett is running a contest bring over a certain American hottie to one of his games:
  • Make sure you go and ‘like’ that post!
  • Speaking of Tim, Suzy, P and the Super 6, check out their E-Mag for the series:
  • PSP Affiliates CFPS and Vicious Series announce 2012 schedules.
  • Muller kicked my door in to let me know that Viper and Valken have joined forces:
  • Jeff Stein retires, taking the NE Hurricanes with him. I’m told the remaining players on the team went over to Avalanche.
  • Looks like Valken’s on a roll…they’ve teamed up with Camp Pendleton as well:
  • The NPPL rolls out some more hotel and flight discounts…and while they were at it, they’re also having an NPPL Day at CEPP Paintball next weekend.
  • Bussler from Tippmann’s PR group let me know that they’re having a contest on Facebook:
  • DXS/GI Sportz beast Aaron Yendall had this to say: “Where paintball takes us is a hot new action packed web series that follows the world’s best players as they take their skills to the next level…. abroad! Our cameras are rolling as these extraordinary Pro and Amateur players live the dream of discovering new places and people on and off the field around the globe. So pack your bags as the adventure begins this year as “Where Paintball Takes Us” aims to bring you all the exclusive stories and action from all over the world. to watch the show.
  • They ought to talk to me….the places I’ve been because of paintball…
  • The guys over at heard the rumor that Tom Cole has left the NPPL, and then I see a post on TechPB saying that he’s joined up with The PSP.
  • **blink**
  • Greg Hastings goes on tour:
  • Andy Van Der Platts sent me a link to the first “Stars and Stripes” of the year for D-Day:
  • I spoke with Andy Graham of NOCER Productions a couple of days ago, and he asked me to pass on that NOCER is not going to be producing “Quest for the Holy Grail” this year, and in fact he and his wife Kristie are taking some time off while they try to have another child. Their daughter is 10 now, so it’s time for sibling!
  • Blue dropped by with this: “EMR Paintball Park is proud to present their March Meltdown Scenario “FIGHT FOR EARTH” produced by Tyler “TYGUR” Gurdak of Team DOGS OF WAR on March 24th, 2012. For more Details, check out . Also the Defender’s Spots are filling up for Spring CASTLE CONQUEST XXXIII coming up April 28th so get your pre-regs in if you want to defend.”
  • Vanguard is looking for teams to sponsor….
  • Registration for The RPL’s first event of 2012 ends tonight! Might want to get signed up!
  • See that? The RPL knows what time it is…they schedule stuff so that it’s included in The Ford Report in a timely fashion. **FLEX**
  • Meanwhile, registration for the D-Leagues’s first event of the year is now open.
  • PSP Affiliates MSXL and WCPPL announce their 2012 schedules as well.
  • XSV is on the hunt, and got what they were looking for:
  • Infamous now calls CPX home:
  • RAP4 rolls out their new Lok-Bolt antichop bolt for the T68.
  • Blue dropped by again: “BLUESCREWTV will be going to Tampa for their Gasparilla Pirate Festival the end of the Month, so keep tuned in for their Video show sometime in February showing all the highlights. We’ll also see you all at Low Country in a few weeks to hang with Billy and the Gang. “
  • God help them. I lived in Tampa for 8 years, so I know what they’re in for…
  • Oakland BLAST is taking 2012 off. Zack and Co. are going to concentrate on the business.
  • Virtue rolls out Ego 11/GEO 2.1 OLED and Redefined boards as well as a board for the GOG Xtcy.
  • Here in Georgia, Ashley and I are both climbing the walls getting ourselves ready for next weekend. Neither of us have played in awhile, and LCP’s Galaxy Wars is looking to be just the kind of paintball we need to start the year off right. Ashley’s been busting her very cute chops getting healthy so she can play the event at the level she wants to, while Waverly has been busy recruiting top players and teams all through 2011. Simply cannot wait to hit the field!

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