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January 19th, 2012

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  • Apparently people are getting REALLY excited about Galaxy Wars this weekend:
  • Valken and Viper team up:
  • Meanwhile, NPPL Pro Team St. Louis Avalanche is now New England Avalanche:
  • Speaking of Pro Teams, San Antonio X Factor and Valken team up for the 2012 season:
  • Paintball Extravaganza 2012 has released their exibitors list:
  • Meanwhile, the game this weekend at LCP is pretty simple…Good vs. Evil:
  • I’m told that after the photo shoot, Georgia Joe and Ashley were in his yard lightsaber fighting…
  • In more Pro news, Empire wants to sponsor you like a Pro:
  • The always charming and noteworthy Craig Miller dropped me a line. Check it out here:
  • Insiders at ProCaps tell me that they’ve been going bat poo-poo insane getting everything sorted out to get back open. Transitions are always a pain in the butt…trust me, I know!
  • The NPPL has released their field layout for HB.
  • So has The RPL!
  • Blue dropped by, and pleasantly surprised me by NOT kicking my door in: “EMR is looking for Commanders for both our WESTERN WARS game and QUEST for the Holy Grail game and leaders for the defense of the PUMP ONLY CASTLE CONQUEST and the Fall CASTLE CONQUEST. If interested contact . Kick off your season at EMR’s March Meltdown, a 7 hour scenario “DOCTOR WHO:FIGHT FOR EARTH” produced by Tyler “TYGUR” Gurdak of team Dogs of War. James “MUNKY” Bamert of Team Blue’s Crew will be Doctor Who and command the good forces against Matt Delhauer of Team Zombie Defense Force who will command the Dalek Forces who are bent on ruling the universe and eliminating all other races. For more information, check it out at .”
  • Go Bounty Hunting at Galaxy Wars next weekend! For $25 put out a bounty on whoever you want, and a group of Bounty Hunters will go out and hunt them down! If you’re being hunted, pay $30 to send the Bounty Hunters away! All proceeds to go to charity. Sign up today for Galaxy Wars at !
  • Frank “Da Tank” Connell has already had a bounty put on his head by Rico Fernandez, and rather than having Bounty Hunters shoot them up, they’ll go out on the speedball field at LCP and shoot each other up. I got my people in Vegas trying to get the line on the fight…
  • The PSP is a little concerned that hotels for Galveston are filling up, so they’ve found some more hotel deals…
  • The Maltese Militia has released their 2012 Prize Package:
  • TechPB’s Mike Phillips is heading to Canada later this year to command a side in Viper’s “Canadian Carnage” event.
  • This came on the heels of TechPB announcing that they’re sponsoring LL5 this year. Mike’s staying busy!
  • Konstantin Federov has left Russian Legion.
  • ProPaintball.Com reports on rumors of a new pro team out there, Chicago Heat.
  • RAP4 announces their “Weapon of the Week” promotion, where they have a special on a package deal every week.
  • Pre-Registration for Living Legends 5 is now live.
  • My Sainted Father will be celebrating his birthday tomorrow…Happy Birthday Dad!
  • “Madam Director” and I will be leaving our Valdosta, GA area residence after work tomorrow night, so it’ll be fairly late before we arrive on-site. Even though we’ve both been working our tails off all week, I got a feeling we’ll both be absolutely WIRED for this weekend. GOTTA find a local field to play at so we don’t get so wound up….


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