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February 16th, 2012

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  • In case you didn’t get the email last night, the February issue of Shooting Hot Magazine is out! Http:// to get in on the goodness!
  • Apparently Valken won’t be selling paint at PSP Events this year:
  • But the PSP does have a new media company to handle covering their events:
  • E-Money dropped me a line after seeing mention of him in last week’s Report: “Thanks Dale. Appreciate the last shout out in the Ford Report! Here is one for next issue: Evan Money has a Turn Key Paintball Field for rent in Southern California, poles and permits included. Call for more details, LOW monthly rent! 310-750-6218”
  • Magic Man, Johnny, and the rest of the South Beach Pimps are getting all sorts of spooled up for the first stop on the Greg Hastings Tour of Duty 2012 at Old River Paintball next weekend…4Real 2 is going to be a killer game!
  • Which reminds me…I gotta pick up the props for the game this coming week….
  • The MAPL has released their 2012 Prize Packages…
  • Meanwhile, this weekend teams going to Galveston now have the field layout to work with.
  • In March, the UWL is coming to Georgia! Low Country Paintball will be hosting an event the 17th and 18th of March… check out for all the info you need.
  • Greg Hastings’ Tour of Duty 2012 is sold out…better luck next year if you were wanting him to come out…
  • He told me last night (via email, pervs!) that he’s got something for me to see at the 4Real 2 game at Old River…not sure what it is, but I guess we’ll see!
  • Barno dropped by, tempting me with a Grill LE mask, then dropped this tidbit and ran like hell: “Pb extravaganza is just around the corner. Contact to set up a meeting to see what is up with the NEW PROCAPS and what you can expect from them in 2012. A lot of new and exciting things on the way!!!!”
  • He’s no ninja like Valken’s Greg Muller, but he’s quick!
  • DYE announced a price drop on NT11′s this week.
  • Which reminds me, my homie Bob still has that Red Zombie NT 11 for sale…hit me up if you want to know the stupid low price for it!
  • Sean Scott is moving back to the US, and he’s scored a job at CPX:
  • Blue dropped in, kicked the door in for old time’s sake and passed this along: “One of our Commanders for our March Meltdown One-Day Scenario at EMR Paintball Park had to back out due to work scheduling. We need a commander to be “Doctor Who” . If anyone is interested, please contact . For more details, go to . “
  • The NPPL has partnered up with La Quinta Inns and Suites for Huntington Beach. Get your stay on!
  • …or Frank will beat me up.
  • Tim Barnett of Shoreline Paintball somehow teleported over from the UK, handed me a pint of Strong Bow, and let me know that GI Sportz/DXS is on board for the next Super 6 event:
  • **burp**!
  • TSSOC and Guerilla Air have teamed up for 2012:
  • Randy from CP wanted me to know that Custom Products will be at Paintball Extravaganza…make sure to go and check out their new tank regulator!
  • The Ford Report wants to wish Mike “Kilroy” Castleman of Team OP4 a happy birthday!
  • From the “This-Just-In” department: John Navarro of SBP Scenarios has let me know that BAWLS Energy Drinks have stepped up to support “4 Real 2” next weekend. Get signed up at
  • RAP4 rolls out their new MKP magazine fed paintball gun. It looks frighteningly real!
  • In Europe, GRIP is now analyzing European Paintball:
  • Christina Carmona, who was kind enough to run for my friend Kurt when he was battling cancer, is at it again! She’s running for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. If you feel the need, support Christina here:
  • I saw over on TechPB that the owners of Zodiac Paintball have put out a warning to people looking to buy ZR1′s…apparently there are ‘counterfeit’ guns for sale. Which begs the question: if the people who made your guns for you are selling them because for whatever reason you didn’t buy them from them, are they really counterfeit? Just sayin’….
  • Billy Smith and I were talking the other day, and he noted that some of his friends were walking around erratically and moaning…I guess they’re getting in character for the Zombies vs. Humans game in April. Kill or Be Eaten!



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