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February 9th, 2012: Braaaaaaaaiiiiinnnnssssss

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  • For the “Pics or Shens” crowd, Machine Paintball has put up pics of their Vapor ‘in the metal’ on their Facebook page:
  • Seeing the guns with their molded parts tells me that I ought to be seeing one for review soon…
  • Speaking of pictures, Valken posted up some CADs of the upcoming Proton on their FB page: I’ve tried interrogating Muller and Potter, but they’re displaying some commendable toughness in resisting my interrogation techniques. Less ‘restrained’ Minions are on the way.
  • Deadlywind has signed on with The Ford Report to become the official CF barrel! Can I get a “Hell Yeah” for Brady and Colin?
  • E-Money has a new Living Social Paintball promo going that can get 300 people to your field…give him a call at (310) 750-6219 to get in on that action!
  • Over the weekend, Vanguard Paintball’s US division announced that they would no longer be working with Vanguard, which is based in the UK.
  • Right after I put that PR up, I was contacted by none other than Frank “Da Tank” Connell to announce that he would be setting up a brand new service/support/sales network in the North American market for Vanguard.
  • **blink**
  • Speaking of UK paintball, the first Super 6 of the season has gone off, and Tim and Co. are already spooling up for the next one.
  • Poor Suzy…apparently she played a little prank on Tim, and now I’m informed that she may be coming to South Georgia to serve out her banishment. It’s all good…we’d just drag her to LCP to break her Pink Lady Ego 11 in properly.
  • Of all people, Maximus Lundquist dropped me a line this week to make sure I knew about the new goodness coming from KM:
  • In Sweden, I’m known as “The Mighty Reporter”
  • **flex**
  • Valken goes way south to support the SARPL, South Africa’s paintball league:
  • Procaps Direct is heading to the Paintball Extravaganza February 28th-March 1st. Make sure to stop by and tell Barno I said “Hi”.
  • LCP Scenario Games is doing a series of games all over Georgia, Zombie Apocalypse:
  • If you want an idea of what it’ll be like, check this out:
  • Get warmed up at the end of this month with SBP Scenario’s “4Real 2”:
  • I figure fighting with or against Greg Hastings ought to be a good warmup for some Zombie abuse….
  • Return to Sexy Rexy’s Old River Paintball for “Ma Barker’s Shootout” at the end of March just to make sure you’re ready for the April leg of the “Zombie Apocalypse” series:
  • The MAPL has released their 2012 rules and prize packages:
  • The PSP reminds me that for those of you looking to sell at the Galveston event, it’s time to get signed up!
  • In more PSP news, they’ve changed the dates for this year’s World Cup to October 24-28, 2012 at Fantasy of Flight in Polk City, FL.
  • From the RPL, it’s almost too late to register for the first RPL of the year! Might want to get signed up before it’s too late!
  • RPS and Living Legends have teamed up this year to make Empire Evil Paintballs the official paintball of the event:
  • The NPPL has partnered up with Shorebreak hotel for the HB event.
  • TechT announces the release of their Lo-Pro bolt pin and “Zero Ping” ram for the G6R.
  • RAP4 is celebrating their 10th anniversary by giving away some clear Hawkeye goggles.
  • Empire has some LTD clothing that only a select few will get…make sure you’re one of them!
  • I’m hearing very vague, 2nd and 3rd hand rumors that Tippmann is developing and testing a new tournament style gun. Hoosier Minions are on the way to Bussler’s house to have a little chat.
  • Met up with McClain Motorsports’ Houston McClain outside of Valdosta this afternoon to get the title to the car, and discuss some of what’s going on with it. I think I got it through his head that putting a massive turbo on it is out of the question, so now he’s making the case for supercharging my truck…. No Houston, no!

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