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Dale Ford and Greg Hastings in altercation on Blue’s Crew TV


Oops.  And the video camera was rolling….

Adding insult to injury, after Blue broke up the media giant and former XSV star from beating each other up on the set of the live streaming presentation at “4 Real 2″ at Old River Paintball Greg’s pack started smoldering as it laid on a studio lamp on set.  After breaking up the altercation, Blue had Greg talk about the 2012 Tour of Duty while Dale talked about Shooting Hot Magazine, The Ford Report, and the latest information on the Machine Paintball Vapor.

Check out Greg’s new Re-Play camera at and stay tuned to for more live streaming game coverage!  Hopefully Dale won’t beat anyone else up….

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  • SirRod
    March 6, 2012

    Pretty cool there Dale, I was hoping to see some of the video of us playing in the first battle. Blue’s Crew TV way cool, and was great to meet Greg, and get to play paintball with him. Was a great weekend…8D

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