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March 15th, 2012: The Ides of March

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  • My Sainted Mother (who else but a Saint could have raised me?) sends her thanks for all the well wishes that last week’s Report caused.
  • Check out the pictures from “Modern Warfare 3” at Big Indian Paintball this past weekend:
  • The D-League’s first event is this coming weekend….might want to get signed up if you’re going to compete!
  • Speaking of tournaments, PSP Galveston was this past weekend, and it was…wet.
  • Somehow Rabackoff got to GA in time to pass along this note:
  • Not to be outdone, Kreisman camped out in the back of my Honda so he’d be sure to pass along a note detailing Empire’s domination of PSP Galveston.
  • Kreisman kept the steam going, announcing Empire’s sponsorship of Empire Battle Tested Rangers:
  • Valken’s Andy Potter and Valken Factory Team’s Clay Walls might be friends, but that’s not going to stop Potter from capping him at “Zombies vs. Humans” in April. Http:// to get signed up.
  • “Sexy” Rex from Old River Paintball went all Blue on me and kicked my door in to remind me about “Ma Barker” going on at the legendary Florida field next weekend, the 24th and 25th of March. Coincidentally, that’s the weekend of my birthday!
  • This weekend, Ashley, The Dark Child, The Death Kitties, Bo the Happy Puppy, The Itteh Bitteh Kitteh Committeh and I are all moving in to our new house…where kicking the door in will NOT be tolerate!
  • Anyone want a kitten? They’re adorable!
  • I have it on good authority (thanks to Taiwanese Minions) that the wafers (bare boards) for the Machine Paintball Vapor were in as of late last week, and I would imagine by now that the boards are ‘populated’, and possibly on their way to meet their corresponding guns. I noted on Machine Paintball’s FB page that they’re about to ‘do this’. Hope everyone’s ready!
  • You know Sonny Lopez of Team LA Hitmen? Playing pump wasn’t hardcore enough for him, so now he’s going bolt action. And he needs your help beta testing:
  • Kingman rolled out the Spyder MRX and went hunting:
  • Over in Europe, DXS stepped up to sponsor “The Camp”:
  • If you’re going to NPPL HB, (and I’m insanely jealous if you are!) make sure to drop by the Azodin booth at the event and check out their goodies. Frank was going to beat me up to make the point clear, but Chuck stepped in. Thanks Chuck!
  • In April, make sure you check out “Flag Wars” at SPG Paintball. Http:// for more info.
  • Deuce dropped by: “Tune in to for BLUE, DEUCE, and Anthony’s next LIVE SHOW at 8:00 pm Tonight. Check out BLUE’S 4 minute tour of the French Quarter in N’AWLINS plus discussion on various topics. There will be a time block where you can interact with them on Facebook/BluesCrewTV to ask questions and get answers.”
  • Kreisman and Taitano both think you ought to go check out the two new videos in Empire’s Video vault, “Empire Super Freak Part 2”, with Nicky Cuba, and “Command an Empire”. Hit ‘em up at
  • There’s going to be Hooter’s Girls at NPPL HB. **sigh**
  • Avalanche is hosting a practice at OXCC March 18th.
  • Barno dropped in to let me know that ProCaps Direct is distributing Planet Eclipse gear, guns, and goodies now.
  • South America’s CSP has become a PSP Affiliate League.
  • Empire Paintball sponsors Los Angeles Critical for 2012:
  • Joey over at dropped by to drop the knowledge of 3 new episodes of BuyPBL’s Gab Fest. Tell her I sent you to
  • The NPPL’s 2012 video series #6 is here with Chris LaSoya:
  • So there I was, at work beating the crap out of a raggedy old copier, and I get an email from an industry person, noting that I tout Andy Potter as a beastmode salesman. He is “The Beast From The East”, but there are more badass sales reps out there, like Valken’s Will Bourgalt or Vanguard’s Frank Connell. This individual made mention of a beast at his company, and thinks I ought to do a survey to get the opinion of customers as to who the real deal is on taking care of their customers. Thing is, I don’t know all of the reps at every company, so unless the industry heads want to drop me an email with their nomination, I can’t properly assemble a list to do a survey on. How about it, Industry Guys?

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