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March 8th, 2012: My Mother’s Birthday

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  • LCP Graphics and Designs have expanded into hydrographics…let them dip your goodies today!
  • For the pics or shens crowd, here’s the video of me and Greg Hastings getting into it at Old River Paintball:
  • Little did I know that Greg has backup:
  • My Valken Redemption pants showed up today…look for a review in the future. So…do I have my wife model them or do I model them myself?
  • I also treated myself to a new V-Force Grill mask from SoBe Paintball…John managed to steal a set of the LE ones with the ‘tattoo’ pattern on them and the new thermal lens.
  • Tim and Suzy from Shoreline Paintball are bringing Armor….
  • Valken’s Greg Muller has a new hobby: standing brooms up. The new planking?
  • The NPPL cancels their Vancouver event, bringing them down to 4 events this year.
  • Meanwhile, the PSP is gearing up for Galveston this weekend.
  • Valken and TSSOC join forces for 2012:
  • SoBe Paintball’s John Navarro is up to something, but I can’t pry it out of him…and none of my Minions will mess with him, so I guess we get to wait!
  • The PSP is “Changing the Face of Tournament Paintball”, with stats:
  • The Tampa Bay Times is reporting that Alex Spence is returning to pro paintball. Beating leukemia then going back to the grind…that’s toughness right there!
  • Kreisman says you’re out of excuses if you’re going to Galveston…use Empire goodness to win!
  • This weekend I’m cramming my gear, my wife, my stepdaughter and some clothes (maybe) into the McClain Motorsports Civic and heading up to Big Indian Paintball in Perry, GA for a game there…new field, new faces…
  • That and I really need to shoot someone. Just sayin’.
  • Tiberius Arms worked with LAPCO to create some barrels for their 8.1 pistols.
  • RAP4 tells me they went to Paintball Extravaganza and blew everyone away!
  • ProPaintball.Com reports in on Empire’s new “Super Freak” barrel kit. The news I took away from that was that they won the battle to buy Smart Parts’ patents. Nobody tells us media guys anything…
  • Only a week or so left to register for the D-League’s season opener.
  • Speaking of things California, Soccer super star David Beckham took his son out to Hollywood Sports.
  • While I’m out playing this weekend, I’ll have an uber-classified goodie I’ll be trying out…guess you’ll have to come to Big Indian Paintball to see what it is, maybe.
  • Tee Hee.
  • Nxe steps up to sponsor the NPPL for the entire 2012 season.
  • SoBe Paintball’s John Navarro feels so strongly about the new Deadlywind Null barrel that he sent me one to review! It’s silly light…be very interested to see how it shoots!
  • I have it on good authority (and I have .pdf’s of the paperwork to back it up) that the ownership of Cousins Paintball in New York were served with subpoenas in connection to the Paintball Sports Magazine bankruptcy case. Yep, that case is still ongoing.
  • Speaking of Cousins, they’re having a Dark Ops Extreme event March 18th.
  • The NPPL released their 2012 rule book.
  • Slingpaint.Com is 1 year old today!
  • Speaking of birthdays, today is my mother’s 71st birthday, and she shares this birthday with Chris LaSoya. Not sure how old Chris is, but he’s damned lucky to have the same birthday as my sainted mother!
  • Which brings up the uncomfortable subject of my impending birthday later this month. I share it with Bob “Saucy Aussie” Cartwright down in Florida, and he and my wife (among others) are conspiring to ‘do something’ for my 42nd birthday this year. Personally I’d just as soon forget that I’m getting old(er), but they’re insisting.

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