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April 19th, 2012

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  • PSP Phoenix is going on. How’s the weather out there?
  • The Machine Paintball Vapor made its’ Georgia debut last week at Low Country Paintball in Ludowici, GA. Zombies and Humans alike made a point to come by and check it out!
  • …including Valken Paintball’s Andy Potter, who announced this week that he and his wife Heather are expecting. Congrats Andy and Heather!
  • As for the game itself, think of a 5 hour long final battle. It was brutal, and everyone there was loving every minute of it.
  • I got an email from a friend down in Tampa today asking if the deal Valken is offering for first time players at Oklahoma D-Day is for real…Potter took time from rocking out to send this response: “Yes it is absolutely true that Valken Corps members that have never been to D-Day are eligible to receive free entries. Tell him to email to get set up! Thanks Dale.”
  • As I have ex-wives in Oklahoma still, I’ll pass on D-Day this year. Let sleeping dogs lie, as it were.
  • The NPPL has announced a “Young Gun” division for Chicago and the DC Challenge.
  • Enola Gay is coming to the US:
  • Ace Shooting Hot Magazine reporter Seth Manchester has been busy in his man-cave putting things together…and he reports that he’s got a working prototype. More news as it becomes available.
  • If you follow Tiberius Arms’ Waverly Muller on Facebook, you may notice something interesting in a recent picture she posted.
  • Whoever created the Doritos Locos taco is a national treasure. Just sayin’.
  • Mike over at has some killer stuff coming online soon…including a Tampa Bay Damage DM12:
  • As a service to my brethren in the paintball media, I’ve updated the 2 year old story giving everyone the who’s who in the Spurlock clan. Since they’re in the news again, I thought it’d be a good idea to refresh everyone’s memory:
  • The NPPL has released their field layout for the Chicago event.
  • Meanwhile, Mike, Andrew, Jarrett and Co. answer the question I got the most this past weekend: “How efficient is it?” :
  • Over in England, Planet Eclipse adds a dash of color to the Etha.
  • SlingPaint.Com is up to version 2.0 now.
  • Over in Hawaii, the owners of a field there dropped me this line: “Hi Dale Hawaii Extreme Paintball and Airsoft has now opened it’s doors to the general public. Enjoy paintball and airsoft on its scenario field. NPPL certified turf field open to the general public. For directions and more information please go to Also available for private events!”
  • You know, that’d make one HELL of an “Any Given Saturday” write up for SHM…I wonder if I could get the publisher to send me over…
  • Andy Van Der Platts dropped me a line to let me know that the April issue of Stars and Stripes magazine is up.
  • Colin and Brady at Deadlywind have been busy, introducing a new CF foregrip for the Automag. It’s not on their site yet, but I suspect it will be soon.
  • The D-League has released the field layout for their second event.
  • At the request of the owner of Carnage Paintball in the Atlanta, GA area, Ashley and I will be at the field next weekend to demo the Machine Paintball Vapors.
  • Joey from BuyPBL dropped in with this: “PBL Action Sports in Montreal Quebec would like to welcome Recon Paintball as the newest PBL Approved Store. At the helm this new venture is long time player, coach and paintball enthusiast Nelson Fonseca.”
  • NPPL partnered up with Holiday Inns for Chicago.
  • Furthermore, earlybird registration ends friday for that event…might want to get signed up!
  • The Zombies overran the humans barricading themselves at LCP this past weekend, so the Apocalypse is coming to Big Indian Paintball in Perry, GA:
  • There’s a new ION:
  • Randy over at Custom Products heard that the Vapor is an LP-only gun, so he made sure I had an LP kit for my CP Air System so I can keep winning with CP!
  • For a change, neither Ashley nor I are going anywhere or doing anything this weekend…The Death Kitties are going in tomorrow to be fixed, and The Dark Child is a bit sick, so everyone’s going to be taking it easy this weekend…not sure what I’ll do with myself, but I’ll figure it out!

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