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Valken buys Paintball News

Valken Sports has bought Paintball News.

Paintball News, started and run by Rene and Juvy Boucher, had built the Paintball News brand since 1990. Paintball News, the first paintball newspaper, the first bi-monthly paintball publication and the only free to the player paintball publication had become an important source of news and information at paintball fields and pro shops, nationwide.

Gino Postorivo, President and CEO of Valken, stated, “As the owner and publisher of Paintball 2Xtremes Magazine; I know how important it is to get a good magazine on the rack and in to the players’ hands. It pains me when I walk in to major bookstores and don’t see any paintball publications on the shelves. Valken is dedicated to promoting the industry and growing our sport and Paintball News, in print and on the web, will encompass both paintball and airsoft sports in to 1 publication. This is another stride towards getting paintball back on T.V. and I’m very excited to be bringing a quality paintball publication back in to print,” added Postorivo.

Paintball News is looking for writers, photographers and columnists for their hard copy and web-based publications. If you have the skills and talent and would like to join the Paintball News Team, please email

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