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May 3rd, 2012


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  • The Machine Paintball Vapor demo went very well last weekend at Carnage Paintball in Woodstock, GA. Ashley and I took away a lot of data from the trip, and everyone who saw and held the gun fell in love with it!
  • And it turns out that Ledbetter is a fan of Scentsy!
  • There’s fighting in Hawaii: “Dale Check out Epower’s night game being held at HEP. Event is on 5/4/12 from 5pm-10pm sign up at Epower Phone 808-848-5126. Spots are limited here is the FB link:
  • Meanwhile closer to home, LCP Scenarios’ “Georgia” Joe Hamilton dropped in with this: “I sit here tonight working on the Game with a Renewed sense of how amazing our sport is. After numerous phone calls and coordination between the two Generals, they have agreed on a rather unusual way to add to the game. They asked that I allow them the head shot kill rule for Generals. On first thought I believed them to be insane. After further consideration I think it should be a challenge to take out the General. I mean, the General is the most important player on the field for both sides. So I wish to announce that what they want is what they get. As a further note I must say that things are coming along well. I visited Big Indian last Sunday and finalized the details for setting up the Game. I was assured all preparations will be complete in time for the date of the battle that is to come. Upon further inspection of the field I believe that this is going to be a fun game for all.” Head over to to get signed up!
  • Registration for the #3 RPL event ends on the 8th. Might want to get signed up if you’re going!
  • Valken’s Greg Muller dropped in in his Ninja suit to let me know that Valken has opened another distribution center, this time in the Northwest:
  • I got an unexpected call from Empire’s Jason Kreisman wanting to get my new address so that he could send along a new Empire Vidar mask for me to take a look at. For 50 bucks retail, it seems like a win-win:
  • Meanwhile, Bussler is in love…with the new Crossover from Tippmann. He’s sharing the love by sending along a review piece for me to look at. When told of this, OP4′s Mike Castleman immediately started giggling like the proverbial Japanese Schoolgirl.
  • Speaking of Mike, his wife has compared my body hair to bubble wrap. I’m flabbergasted. Struck speechless, even!
  • RPL Event #2 photos can be seen here:
  • As far as Andrew and Mike Spurlock are concerned, I’m now reduced to being tool boy for my wife.
  • Which is fine, because my wife isn’t allowed to do anything to her new backup, a purple and black Ego 11.
  • Sonny Lopez is doing a couple of clinics in the near future: “One is this Friday at Supergame 43. I am doing the clinic with Kat Secor from Team Destiny. We also have made the clinic Free for all the ladies who are registered to the Supergame! Guys got to pay $35 and email Dan Bonebrake to get on the list. On June 23rd I will be doing a clinic at Canadian Carnage. This is the first time I am doing a clinic in the Cold land of Canada!!!! Very excited! This will be an epic event with Wolf and Mike from TechPB getting a massive paint fight on!
  • Rob from Ninja Paintball and I swapped a few emails this week…he was extremely helpful.
  • The Maltese Militia are staying busy:
  • The NPPL has 36 spots left open for their Chicago event…time’s a wastin’!
  • ProPaintball.Com is theorizing on a new loader from G.I. Sportz:
  • Canadian Minions have been mobilized to Stork’s house.
  • Who turns 45 today…happy birthday Eric!
  • RAP4 rolls out a new air through stock for Tippmann guns as well as a new “Quick Flip” Optic site.
  • G.I. Sportz teams swept the Phoenix PSP.
  • Reports coming in from people who were there noted that the (dry) heat took out a lot of players both on and off field. Having been struck with Heat Exhaustion while I was in the Army all those years ago, I can sympathize for those who had to endure that miserable experience.
  • Speaking of the PSP, they’ve reached a deal with the Windgate by Wyndam to give PSP competitors a great rate on a room for the Chicago event.
  • This weekend Ashley, The Dark Child and I get a bit of a rest, with only a gun show in Valdosta being on our list of things to do. However, next weekend we’ll be at Big Indian Paintball in Perry, GA to get our shoot on for the next chapter in the Zombie Apocalypse series of games, and then I believe the weekend after that we’ll be killing for John Navarro at General’s Cup in FL. Tee Hee.

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