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The Kohn Sports “Old School” Jersey

Kohn Sports is an interesting company, because it has two divisions, both based in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. One division is the field, based just south of the Tampa Metro area. The other division is more gear oriented, with Kohn’s well known lasering service,  and now Kohn is getting into soft goods, with their latest product being the “Old School” jersey.


The name “Old School” is a descriptive term here, since the fabric used in these jerseys was bought by Kohn Sports owner Gavin Anderson from the assets sale for Smart Parts when they went bankrupt. The material itself is military grade poly-twill, and it’s very strong and tear resistant. Once this ‘O.G.’ material is used up, Gavin and Co. will be buying more.


The jersey sent to me for testing used the Urban Tigerstripe pattern, in size L to fit my 5’11”, 200 pound frame (yes, I’ve gained a little weight). Putting the jersey on me, it was certainly comfortable standing around in, but when I brought my arms into a shooting position, it felt a little tight across the shoulders, which means I should have ordered an XL to better accommodate my shoulders.


Several other players tried on the jersey as well, and the overall impression was that the material was good and strong, but it didn’t breathe quite good enough for the environmental conditions. In Southeast Georgia at the time this jersey was evaluated, the humidity was still at overly high (miserable!) levels and temperatures were still in the 90′s. Typically at the test field in these conditions nobody wears a jersey, instead going to t-shirts and tank tops.


Taking a look at the jersey’s construction, we noted a large number of double- and triple-stitched seams, which means that the “Old School” jersey ought to be able to deal with a lot of abuse from maniac snake players sliding in at a full run. Liberal amounts of spandex are used in the collar and cuffs, again to make the jersey strong and comfortable. Everyone was impressed with the quality of the material and construction of the jersey, and the consensus was that it would be an ideal fall and winter jersey that ought to last a good long time.


The Kohn Old School Jersey is a relative bargain by today’s standards, with the MSRP for the jersey in a variety of camo patterns being set at $55, and if you want accessories to match, you can buy a barrel sock in the same camo patterns for $6.95, and a headband/sandanna for $19.95. You can also bundle up and save and get all three for $65! For more information, check out

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  • SirRod
    October 20, 2012

    Tigere stripe is is one of the most beloved camo patterns. Oh and it isn’t old school, but I will say I have a Tiger stripe Jersey I received from when my old Team FireStorm won the Florida State 10 man woods ball tournament, the first time beating out the Jacksonville Warriors, btw we won the next year as well making FireStorm the only back to back 10 man Fl. St. Champs ever, 1993&94. I’ll take an XL as well Firby…8D

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