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A New Paintball TV Channel

Shoreline Paintball have signed the contracts and license agreements to create the worlds first Paintball TV Channel. The new micro channel will begin to broadcast in October 2013 via BSkyB, Freesat and also Freeview. The television broadcast will be available in 42 countries across Europe, North Africa and the Middle East and a global audience will be able to view on demand via the internet.
The new channel will broadcast a range of content covering tournament, scenario and critically…..content specifically designed for rental players to drive new players in to local fields.

“The pilot series of our TV show was all about testing to see if there was a television audience for paintball content. Viewing figures of over 300,000 per episode exceeded all expectations and proved that audience exists so we will now build on that with the worlds first paintball micro channel broadcasting a range of content. The new channel is a tool for the entire paintball industry to use and I invite anyone who would like to be involved to get in touch.”
Tim Barnett, Shoreline Events Ltd

Invitation packs will be sent out to potential content providers and paintball companies around the world in the next two weeks with announcements regarding the shows and content that viewers can expect to see to be released in due course.

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