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Empire signs on as Platinum Sponsor of the CPX Sports CPL Tournament Series.

CPX Sports and Empire have worked out a sponsorship agreement for the 2013 season of the highly anticipated CPL Tournament Series. The agreement will bring Empire RPS paint to the 2013 CPL Series and Empire & JT gun & gear packages to CPX Legion teams as part of sponsorship packages.

Sean Scott, Director of Strategic Operations for CPX stated, “Empire is one of CPX’s most valued partners and we are excited to have their continued support as a sponsor of the CPL tournament series. CPX chooses the best for paint and that means Empire RPS technology for our field, practices, special events, and now the CPL Series paint.”

Kee Action Sports VICE PRESIDENT OF US Sales, Johnny Postorivo, said ”CPX and Empire have a long standing partnership and we are truly excited to sponsor the CPL Series. CPX is internationally recognized for having one of paintball’s most prolific operations, whether it be recreation, scenario, or tournament paintball – you can expect the best from CPX and KEE is proud that they choose the best when it comes to paint – Empire with RPS technology.” In addition to their sponsorship of the CPL, Empire gear will be made available to CPX Legion members in the form of team sponsorship packages. CPX Sports is proud to carry Empire and JT clothes and playing gear, which is always available for sale in the proshop.

For more information about Empire sponsorship opportunities thru CPX Sports, email Sean Scott at To learn more about the CPL, visit

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