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January 10th, 2013


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  • So after much debate around the house with Ashley, here’s my Schedule of Events:
  • Over on Valken’s Facebook page, there’s video of Gino breaking down a RM-1 rental gun, which is coming out this spring.
  • For Valken dealers, there’s also a sneak peek at a new poster…contact your rep to get one!
  • Mike Payroll was supposed to be retiring…instead he’s on the “Road To Redemption” this August 3rd-4th at OXCC in Maryland. More info as Hoosier Minions beat it out of him…
  • Speaking of scenario games, “Georgia” Joe Hamilton of LCP Scenario Games was hard at it last weekend writing and building goodies for the upcoming Zombie Apocalypse game.
  • It’s right at 2.5 weeks out from the event, and my sources report that LCP’s Billy Smith has been a bit more irritable than usual, staying up all night, howling at the moon, etc… but nothing that indicates an obsession with brains. The howling has me concerned, though…sign up at to help fight off the coming hoards!
  • Los Pistoleros Famosos held off Kye the Death Kitty and Bo the Happy Puppy at gunpoint to deliver this news: “Chris Lasoya ones again drops a pistol line, THE ELEMENT BY Machine, Coming soon to a dealer near you! Pistoleros famosos, Rise of the Machine 2013!
  • I learned real quick to not argue with Pep.
  • However, Minions will be visiting Andrew, Mike, and Bryon to find out what The Element is…
  • While everyone was distracted, Sonny Lopez dropped in with this: “The LA Hitmen are hosting a 3 man pump event at Hawaii All Star Paintball on Feb 24th, 2013. Entry is only $150 a team. Who doesn’t love paintball in Hawaii? If you want to find out more information on the event email or visit the Hitmen Facebook page.
  • Blue dropped in with this tidbit: “Save $25 and purchase your EMR Paintball Park Season Pass or Big 4 pass by January 15th. To order your Season Pass/Big 4 pass:
  • I’m hearing that Exalt has a new bolt out for the GEO 2.1:
  • Tim Barnett wasn’t happy with just a paintball show…now he’s doing a whole network:
  • CPX, in conjunction with the PSP have created the CPL, a new league for midwest players.
  • The Replay XD720 is now available:
  • If you were wondering if there were any more pictures of Ashley with the TFR ZX-11, there are…hit up my Facebook to find the album.
  • reports that Top Gun Paintball is having tryouts for the 2013 season.
  • Machine Paintball is recruiting tournament and scenario teams as well. Hit them up at and tell them I sent you!
  • Those of you going to Paintball Extravaganza this year, the full exhibitor’s list is now available Check out for more info.
  • Greg Hastings dropped in (from the ceiling, like the NJ Ninja that he is) with this: “ The “Greg Hastings” of AIR SOFT now uses R7 RePlay XD and Is heading up Factory Team R7 RePlay!!! Google “Jet Del Castillo” or put his name in the search box on YouTube and see the master do his thing;-) “
  • Tim, Valken, and TalkPaintball.Com are teaming up to make it cheap and easy to get to France in June:
  • Seth Manchester’s Outer Heaven Paintball has Facebook now:
  • For those of you who were curious, there were two names for Ashley and I’s 2013 Schedule of Events that stood out, even though we’re not really doing a ‘tour’ in 2013. “Tour De ‘Tard” and “The Dark Empress Enslavement Tour” got our attention, but Miss Tinsley was more concerned about getting a Hell Kitty helmet and going riding on the TFR ZX-11 than enslaving anyone…

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