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January 17th, 2013

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  • Both the NPPL and PSP have released their 2013 Schedules of Events now, although there was a little drama with the NPPL’s release:
  • Okay, so it was a lot of drama…
  • Valken’s Greg Muller crushes the competition in this week’s “Most Awesome” contest, by getting promoted to Director of Operations at Valken. No word yet if his previous position will need a replacement, but I’m polishing up my resume` just in case.
  • Ashley and I will be on site at LCP Scenario Game’s production of “Zombie Apocalypse” next weekend at Low Country Paintball in Ludowici, GA conducting a Machine Paintball Test Drive. Get signed up for the fight at . I’ll have a one of 3 or 4 Vapors with me, which I’ve dubbed the “Andrew’s Choice” gun. It’s a Silver/Blue mix/match gun, and I need to sell it before it ends up in my gearbag!
  • All Female Team Destiny is attending PALS 2013 in Thailand.
  • Back to Valken goodness, they’ve signed a deal with the NPPL to be the exclusive provider of paint for the 2013 NPPL season.
  • They were supposed to be sponsoring the PSP as well, and I even reported as such, but now apparently that’s off. When I called Potter about it, all I heard was yelling and things being thrown around his house. The kicker is that it wasn’t him yelling and throwing things…his baby boy is apparently very strong.
  • Gino stopped in to let me know that the new RM-1 rental gun will be at Valken locations next week. If you’re a Valken dealer, contact your sales rep for more info.
  • Sean Scott wanted me to pass along that the 2013 Living Legends website is now live:
  • He was giggling uncontrollably when he let me know that Empire is signed on as a Platinum Sponsor of the CPL:
  • E-Money and his rich friends want to help you get your paintball business financed! Hit him up at
  • Team Vicious will be shooting the Empire Axe for the 2013 season.
  • “Vicious Axe”? Brutal.
  • The always polite Sonny Lopez chimes in: “Carmatech Engineering has a new website! You can order directly from this website and learn all about Carmatech’s SAR12 platform, news and future products.”
  • I’m doing video:
  • Go ahead, click the link…it’s not that kind of video! Don’t want anyone feeling inadequate, you know…
  • Over in the UK, Fat Bob’s is offering a team sponsorship deal. Sables is a beast.
  • Still in the UK, Tippmann is stepping up to sponsor the “North vs. South” game.
  • The PSP is already offering hook ups on flights to their events through Delta and American Airlines.
  • Rick Chard tells me that the Paintball Extravaganza is bringing back their Voucher program for the 2013 event.
  • I’m hearing rumors that Planet Eclipse is sending a tech to “4 Real 3” to keep Eclipse users on the field during what’s looking to be a beast of a game. Sign up for the game at !
  • I can confirm that Machine Paintball will have a tech on site to keep the growing number of Southern Vapor users out killing, maiming and destroying. The Space Vikings demanded it.
  • HK signs up to sponsor the CPL Series.
  • Art Chaos and Houston Heat are going to be shooting the Luxe in 2013.
  • 88 Teeth Photography’s Taylor and Crystal are looking to fly…more as it develops.
  • JT has their “Lifestyle” hoodies available…right now!
  • Seth talks about accountability:
  • The RPL announces their lineup of events for the 2013 season.
  • This weekend Ashley and I are going to rest up and get ready for the ‘official’ start to our 2013 paintball season. Fitting that it’s starting at LCP’s last Zombie Apocalypse game, and right after that event, we’ll be down at Old River rocking the house with the South Beach Pimps as they produce their annual game. Going to be a sick, twisted 2013!


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