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January 3rd, 2013: The First

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  • …of 2013! Welcome to The Ford Report for this year!
  • As part of my contract with Machine Paintball this year, I asked for a gun to use specifically for Test Drives. Machine’s Bryon Benini had a gun he was going to send my way, but after consulting with Mike, Andrew and Jimmy, it was decided that the gun Benini was looking to send wasn’t pretty enough, so it’s going back to be turned into a “Work of Art”.
  • Therefore, Benini wins the first “Most Awesome” award of 2013!
  • Meanwhile, Valken announces the winners of their Cookie and New Years Contests. The cake looked seriously cool!
  • Meanwhile, you have a chance to win a set of ATACS-AU gear, courtesy of Urban Ops Armory:
  • The Fibur-X is coming:
  • Minions are already enroute to TX to give Colin and Brady proper interrogations.
  • Both Blue and Barno kicked my door in (at the same time!) to welcome Blue’s Crew back into the G.I. Sportz fold.
  • While Blue was putting the door frame back together, Barno whispered in my ear that there are several big announcements coming out of the G.I. Camp soon.
  • The GFOA and Valken have teamed up again for the 2013 season.
  • Sean Scott and Mike Phillips hid out in the bed of my truck this morning to let me know that the dates for Living Legends 6 have been announced. May 17-19th at CPX in Joliet, IL.
  • Jim Lively dropped me a note letting me know that the 2013 Bob Gurnsey Scholarship program is up and running.
  • Here in the next few days I should be laying hands on a Shadow Paintball barrel kit for review.
  • I’ve been talking to Eric Roysdon. Evil things are afoot…if his wife allows it!
  • Right after Blue got the door to my office fixed, Valken’s Andy Potter kicked it in again with this news: “Now you can shoot the best paint on the planet at PSP! Valken is excited to be able to bring quality and consistency back to the PSP in 2013! Contact to get set up with your team deal for the 2013 season!!!”
  • Valken Graffiti, Machine Paintball Vapor, and a Deadlywind Null barrel…devastating combination. Just sayin’!
  • Speaking of Valken, Greg Muller and his lady Kelly Brennan became engaged over the holidays. Congrats to the happy couple!
  • The guys over at Kingman inform me that their 2013 Spyder Mil-Sim guns are now shipping.
  • Joey DeCaire flounced (yes, she flounces, and it’s very cute) into my office to hand over the 2013 CXBL dates.
  • Merry Christmas from Shoreline:
  • Shooting Hot Magazine/The Ford Report writer Seth Manchester now has a blog:
  • Make money with Fat Bob’s:
  • E-Money wants you to get rich!
  • Out in Oklahoma, D-Day Adventure Park is having a class on H.A.M.M. Radio class January 12-13th.
  • It seems like all the paintball ‘celebrities’ announce their “Tours of Duty”, ‘Schedules of Carnage’, or whatever catchy title serves as a player’s schedule of events. Now, I’m no celebrity. Too hairy, foul tempered and flat out mean to qualify. However, I’ve been encouraged by several people in the game to put out a Schedule of Events, cool name or not. Ashley and I are looking to branch out a bit this year, so I may as well give it a cool name. Any suggestions?

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