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Master Blasters Paintball Team Signs With Valken Sports

The Master Blaster Paintball Team, one of the sports longest continuously operating competition teams, a team comprised of more World Championship winning players than you can fit in a Winnebago, has signed a sponsorship deal with one of the newest product manufacturers in the business, Valken Sports.


The Master Blasters team offers Valken Sports an unprecedented opportunity to showcase its premium quality products; the ‘Blasters currently field at least one full team for every format and team size found anywhere on the planet, including competition speedball teams for 5 and 7 player formats, competition woods ball and scenario game teams.


The Master Blasters were formed in 1983 at Survival New York, one of the original Survival Game fields and quickly rose to prominence among professional paintball teams during the fifteen-man woods ball era; they would later transition to the ten player format and ultimately to the speedball format, operating under such recognizable names as Ground Zero and New York Extreme.  The Master Blasters are also a founding team of the NPPL; many of its original players are still competing today and have become familiar icons of the game.


Over the past several years the team has expanded both its roster and the formats it competes.  Today hardly a weekend goes by that the ‘Blasters aren’t competing in one format or another somewhere around the USA.


Valken Sports, although a name only a few years old, carries with it its own traditions and history; its owners have been manufacturing quality goods since the mid 80′s.


The Master Blasters are excited to be shooting the best paint in the industry, Redemption Pro, at the NPPL events and Valken Redemption and Graffiti throughout their expanded list of woods ball and scenario events in 2013.


Together, Valken Sports and the Master Blasters intend to make a statement:  When quality players use quality product – watch out!  The Master Blasters are coming!


For more information on how to become a Valken sponsored team, please contact

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