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Okay, so I’m lying a bit here.  I’m not going to announce a formal 2013 Schedule of Events with a cool name (although the suggestion of “Tour de Tard” got a laugh) for several reasons.

First and foremost, I’m a player first, a writer/photographer second, and in a distant third position is ‘personality’.  My friend Pedro thinks it’ll be more fun showing up and actually playing paintball, rather than hobnobbing around the staging area…after about 5 seconds of deliberation, I decided that Pedro is a very wise man!

It’s been a little puzzling to me having people ask me for a schedule of events for this upcoming season, because my wife knows more often than not what I’m up to on any given weekend than I do!   However, after consulting with her I can at least announce 3 events that we’re going to in the first quarter of this year:

  • LCP Scenario Games “Zombie Apocalypse: Final Battle for Earth”  January 26th-27th 2013  Sign up at
  • SBP Scenarios’ “4 Real 3″ February 23rd-24th 2013.  Sign up at  I’ll be reffing/covering this game, since it’s the South Beach Pimps’ annual game production.
  • Warhawk’s “Shadow Wars:  The Knight’s Deception” April 5th-7th  at Hurricane Paintball Park.  Information for this game can be found HERE  This game Ashley is the XO for one side, and I’ll be on-field with my Vapor all weekend!

These are the only 3 events we have set in stone right now.  As quite a few producers haven’t announced their event schedules for this year yet, Ashley and I haven’t had a chance to discuss where we’re going for the 2013 season yet.

Work schedules, vacation time, budget, and our daughter are all things we have to weigh into consideration for going to a game.   Every game we go to this year will be an official Machine Paintball Test Drive, so make sure to keep up with me via Facebook or even better, sign up for The Ford Report and get news and what we’re up to as a bonus!

When we’re not going to events, Ashley has made it very clear that we’re going to be spending lots of time on the TFR ZX-11 riding around and exploring South Georgia!

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