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July 18th, 2013

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  • Had a great time over at LCP this past weekend…finally got to try out some Valken Fate Field. Pretty impressive for field grade paint.
  • Here’s a little something else that came of this weekend:
  • Meanwhile, Machine Paintball’s Mike Spurlock has me giggling like a Taiwanese Schoolgirl mainlining Monster Imports. Got some more CADs and renderings this week, which I’m told that I’ll be releasing teasers for the ’14 Vapor in about 2 weeks.
  • I freely admit to being so mesmerized by the new renderings that I forgot to ask about the hopper. I’ll mobilize a contingent of my far east Kinetic Information Retrieval Specialists to see if I can firm up some information on that.
  • For you DAM users, DYE has released a new lightweight rear stock if you’re looking to save some weight.
  • The AXBL North Texas Open will be going off July 27th at Cousins Texas.
  • Over in the UK, Bluewater has stepped up to sponsor “Sands of Time III”:
  • If you’re going to the PSP West Coast Open, you might want to get registered up and get your room set up…deadlines are fast approaching.
  • Frank “Da Tank” Connell is looking for SCUBA equipment…hit him up with what you got.
  • I found Blue sitting on the TFR Vulcan making engine noises this morning…once he noticed me he passed this along: “BLUE’S CREW invades ION and films another event for their upcoming TV series Painting The World Blue! Check it out.
  • Seth Manchester talks about popular culture:
  • Just when I thought Blue was done with my bike, I catch him again! While I was shooing him out of the shed, he passed this along: “Pumper’s Pandemonium is happening this weekend at EMR Paintball Park. Come join Pump Action in a Castle Conquest Saturday, Playing under the lights Saturday night, and a Flag Format Big Game on Sunday. Giving away a brand new Phantom from CCI. For more info, go to .”
  • If you’re going to Three Rivers Paintball for their 30th Anniversary Celebration, they’re sweetening the pot by adding in a UWL 10-Man Competition to the mix, as well as a big game.
  • Dan Colby finally saw the Immortal Air Aura review, and sure enough, he was giggling. Kinda intimidating to hear him giggle.
  • Seth jumped back in with his view on Tactical Slings:
  • Go look up “SoBeJohn Navarro” on Facebook, find the killer picture of him with his Geo 2.1, and share it on Planet Eclipse’s page. He’s going to be their next player of the month, they just don’t know it yet.
  • Jester’s Court chimes in: “Just got word from Battlefield: Orlando that their white trailer and their Kawasaki 4 wheeler, along with a compressor and bulk air tanks where stolen from the field last night. Please be on the look out. Allen Fillion is putting together more information and hopefully pictures. If you have any information please contact the staff of Battlefield: Orlando, or PM me. You can remain anonymous. More to follow……”
  • Once I have more information, I’ll have it on The Ford Report as well.
  • My old friend Bryan confirmed that House of Chen still exists!
  • Speaking of Jester, I’ve noticed him posting up a stylized “V” logo with the caption “It’s coming” all over Facebook. I’ll have to activate the Florida cell of KIRS to talk it over with him.
  • I finally got a response back from Valken’s Gino Postorivo about driving the Valken truck for him. Sadly, he’s not interested in me gallivanting all over the country for him, but he did make an offer for me to muck horse stalls and keep his copier paper tray filled. If it wasn’t in NJ, I’d be interested, considering what he was wanting to pay!
  • Not only got formally registered for school Monday, but today I got confirmation that the financing is hammered down, so it’s on like Donkey Kong August 21st!

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