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Editor’s Note:   One of my pet peeves with the industry is the tendency among the various players to deliberately spread disinformation about competitors in an attempt to hurt said competitor.  With the advent of various internet forums and social media outlets, this ‘trolling’ has taken the next step with ordinary players with no stake in any of the companies throwing their often ill-informed and obnoxiously stated opinions where they’re neither needed nor wanted. 

I’ve made no secret over the years that I’m a fan of Barnett and his wife Suzy, which drives veteran writer Pete ‘Robbo” Robinson patently insane, for unknown reasons.   The fact is that Barnett and Co. are taking on the establishment in UK paintball and appear to be succeeding, which I’m an even bigger fan of.  

What Barnett has done here with this text I lifted from FaceBook is politely and effectively stuck his thumb into the establishment’s eye and their tactics.   Facts have this annoying tendency to trump hyperbole. 


In the past couple of months, we have had literally dozens of teams contact us who have been given incorrect information regarding Valken Paintballs from retailers who supply other brands.

For the most part we tend to ignore this stuff, but it has reached a point where we feel the need to very publicly and transparently put right this incorrect information being given to teams and players.

Rather than hide behind anonymity, we’ll be very clear and upfront about where and how this is happening. No inferences, vague hints or allusions – we’ll be quite clear what is being said and by who and then correct the errors.

Every single team to date who has been given the wrong information has been given that information by either BZ or LIPS. We are sure that it was never the intention of both these retailers to deliberately mislead or misinform players about a rival brand of paint to what they themselves sell, so we assume that it is purely a mistake on their behalf. We are happy to once again tell them they are wrong and do so in a nice public and open manner this time which hopefully will mean in future they can pass on accurate advice to their customers.

LIPS very specifically have said over and over that the Valken paint we are offering to CPPS teams is oil based. They have also said that the same paint is banned from their Bricketwood training facility for the same reason and that it ruins bunkers. Many teams will be able to confirm they have been told this.

BZ have very specifically said that the reason Valken paint is not permitted at the PSP is because of the toxic fill of the paint.

So – let us be very very clear. We offer three grades of paint to teams and players who play at the CPPS. Valken Echo Training paint, Redemption and Redemption Pro tournament grade paints…….none of which are oil based or have any oil. They are 100% PEG.

The reason Valken paint is not on offer at the PSP is everything to do with global paintball politics and nothing to do with the ingredients of the paintballs. 100% of the paint used last weekend at the APL by teams like Dynasty and Houston Heat was……Valken Redemption paintballs!

The CPPS contacted us last year after they too had been told by the same people our Valken paint on offer to our CPPS teams was oil based and would ruin their bunkers. So we supplied the CPPS with the COSHH sheets proving this was untrue. The CPPS are 100% happy with that which is why Valken are a top level sponsor of the CPPS series. The ‘oil’ rumour was killed then and there within the industry….but alas, did not stop the same people continuing to tell teams and players.

We are fully aware that both BZ and LIPS have been informed that the Valken paint on offer is not oil based. Weirdly, both seem to have poor memories and continue to tell teams and players that it is, which is really odd. We’re assuming both are so busy that they just keep forgetting they’ve been informed and accidentally keep telling players the wrong thing.
Maybe a nice public and open statement like this will help them to remember better so that they do not continue to accidentally mislead players and teams.

We are happy to help our our fellow retailers BZ and LIPS in this way. As a company who tries to be always positive and upbeat and have a modern approach to paintball, we enjoy great relationships with other retailers like Fat Bobs, Magfed UK, Arsenal, Just Paintball etc all of whom seem to have great memories.

So today we are having a whip round here at our offices and all the Bluewater/Shoreline staff are donating a few quid each to buy a couple of tubs of fish oil which is known to be fantastic for improving memory function. We’ll send a tub each to our fellow retailers who maybe struggling to remember not to tell people wrong information about rival brands. We’ll send the fish oil with our absolute best wishes for the season ahead and if we can be of any further assistance we’ll always be happy to help them out.

If any teams or players have ANY questions regarding this at all, then you are welcome to call us on 01970 613 083 and speak to a human here in our offices or email us on

If as a CPPS team you have been accidentally told by other suppliers Valken paint is oil based but you want to find out for yourself, then drop us a line and we’ll ship you a FREE sample. That way…’ll be able to see for yourself if our paint is oil based and decide for yourself if you have been accidentally misled by suppliers who sell other brands.

We’re here to help!

  • John Phillips
    February 26, 2014

    Dale, you seem to be mistakenly characterising two well respected paintball vendors in the UK as ‘the establishment’, while also blindly accepting one side of a story without bothering to attempt to establish if there is an opposing view.

    BZ, who are long established and have an excellent reputation, have publicly refuted the allegations made by Tim Barnett with the following statement:

    A response to an untrue statement released by Bluewater/ Shoreline today.

    As our original comment was deleted from the Bluewater/Shoreline page and we were blocked, I feel it is only right that people can see our response on here.

    We just called the Shoreline office to speak to Tim regarding this, but funnily enough he refused to take our call.

    All of the information that he has posted about BZ Paintball is totally incorrect, we have never mentioned anything about Valken and the PSP and we have no concerns regarding any paint that will be at the CPPS. So by all means if your team wishes to shoot Valken paint then do so! If you wish to shoot another brand on offer then that is also your choice.

    We have no idea why somebody would feel the need to take a considerable amount of time out of their undoubtedly busy schedule to make up stories about another company, and then deny the right to reply, or even refuse to take a call to discuss it. What sort of person does that? We’ll leave that for you to ponder.

    As a professional company no genuine responses to this post on our wall will be deleted.

    I have no affiliation with BZ or LiPS, other than as a customer (and have given my custom to all of the main vendors in the UK in the past, Shoreline included), however I find it unacceptable that Shoreline can openly libel their competitors then deny them the right of reply by effectively sticking their heads in the sand and singing ‘la la la can’t hear you’. The fact that you have then reported their statement as fact only compounds the problem.

    Finally, I fail to see what relevance Pete Robinson has to this particular issue? Mentioning him in your editorial note might lead readers to infer that he is in some way involved, when in fact you’re digging up a disagreement between yourself and Pete regarding Shoreline from the past in what appears to be some petty point scoring.

    I’m disappointed in the poor journalism and clear bias demonstrated in your article.

  • The Ford
    February 26, 2014

    I suppose if I were as biased as you allege, I wouldn’t have posted your comment.

    To be blunt, I have no stake in Bluewater/Shoreline, other than I like the Barnetts. I’m using this mess over there to illustrate the immaturity of the industry as a whole.

    As for prodding Robbo, that’s just icing on the cake, especially given his obvious bias against Bluewater/Shoreline.

  • anotherproblem
    February 27, 2014

    Being a UK player and having bought paint/equipment off pretty much every UK retailer it saddens me to see them sniping at each other in this way.

    However I’ve heard none of these rumours supposedly spread by either company, and I seem to hear pretty much every rumour going in the UK industry and tournament scene.

    I think the reply from Jon Owen of LiPS/Bricket Wood is also relevant to this, in which is points out that LiPS do not own Bricket Wood, and that there is a public post on there Facebook page explaining why only certain brands are allowed on their site. As for BZ, I have no idea

    As for who is right or wrong, or who said what, I don’t really care. Posts like this just make people gossip and spread even more falsehoods. I have to agree with John Phillips as well in that you’re pretty much saying that LiPS and BZ are “the establishment” I have no idea why.

    “Facts have this annoying tendency to trump hyperbole” Without actual proof that either party have spread these rumours, which I haven’t seen or heard, then there is no facts.

    Again to agree with John Phillips, I fail to see the relevance of including Robbo in this, I don’t like the man but to mention him when he has no relevance just seems bitter.

    I have no affiliation with BZ but do play for a LiPS supported team, however this has no bearing on my post. I like BW/SL and I normally like TFR but on this occasion I’m disappointed with all parties involved

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