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Evan Money and Chris Iaquinta First there was FB Radio. Then 68Caliber.Com, and now the Ford Report. In every day life, it’s tough to sit down and take the time to browse through websites and forums in order to get your news fix and stay well informed.

The Ford Report addresses this issue by looking at every aspect of the sport and condensing it into a newsletter that’s delivered directly to your email inbox to read at your leisure.

The Ford Report started out as a private email sent to Chris Iaquinta and Evan Money for their terrestrial radio show in Southern California in 2003. Nicknamed “The Daily Dale” by Evan Money, the weekly email served as a ‘hard’ news segment for the E-Money Action Sports Show first heard on KKLA 99.5 FM and later on 1540 AM Sporting News Radio.

Dale started sending close friends in the sport of paintball “The Ford Report” (inspired by Matt Drudge’s ‘Drudge Report’) and quickly rose industry-wide to be included on the Ford Report, so after The E-Money Action Sports show went to a new format , Dale started a small mailing list to include people he knew in the paintball industry and close personal friends as a service on 68Caliber.Com.

Over the course of the first year, The Ford Report list grew rapidly. Always plain spoken and incorporating Dale’s dark sense of humor, The Ford Report takes an unbiased look at the sport every week and reports on what he sees going on. NE Hurricanes’ Jeff Stein, Frank Connell and Dale’s wife are memorable characters that make The Ford Report on a regular basis..

Despite its’ humble beginnings, The Ford Report has garnered a large amount of coverage from the paintball media, with interviews both in FaceFull Magazine and PB2X. Some of the people who’re regular readers and contribute to the report on a regular basis are Craig Miller of ProCaps, Frank Connell of Team Avalanche, Blue from EMR, Ledz and Nick Truter of Planet Eclipse, John Navarro of SoBe Paintball, and “The Famous” Billy Smith of Low Country Paintball..

Coupling his sense of humor with over 20 years experience as a player, reporter, and commentator on the sport of paintball, The Ford Report has come to be required reading for many in the sport, no matter what their personal opinions of Ford himself may be.

The Ford Report’s website is a collaborative effort of Shooting Hot Magazine’s  Editor-in-Chief Dale Ford, SoBe Paintball’s John Navarro, and Super Field Owner/Scenario Game Producer “The Famous” Billy Smith of Low Country Paintball. is up and running now while development continues on the site itself. Every week the site will be updated with the previous week’s report so people can get an idea of what the newsletter is like as well as exclusive editorial content. Advertising opportunities are available now while the site is still under development.

Dale has been playing off and on for 20+ years, and continuously since 1999. He and wife Ashley live in Norman Park, Georgia with Ashley’s daughter Tinsley, Bo the Happy Puppy, and Kye the Death Kitty

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